Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Toppings include Italian prosciutto, white truffles, and gold leaf.

San Francisco’s newest pizza might have diners encountering observations like, “You got a bit of precious metal between your teeth.” The $100 pie, made by Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, is topped with white-truffle shavings, aged Italian prosciutto, and flakes of edible gold leaf.

Fortunately, this is not another annoying food craze from the area’s techies (“German Energy Soda,” anyone?). It’s a charity stunt—the pizzeria is selling these “Super Gold Pizzas” to benefit local foundations via the NFL’s Kick Hunger Challenge. As the San Francisco Chronicle’s Jonathan Kauffman reports:

In honor of the 50th Superbowl, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana will be selling a limited-edition, $100 “Super Gold Pizza” — available starting [January 4].

Nothing says Gilded Era more than a gilded pizza. Also, white truffles, 24-month aged San Daniele prosciutto, a selection of Far West mushrooms, Bellweather Carmody cheese, a sprinkling of mache and a few other luxury ingredients. Gemignani will only make 50 of the pizzas, so you have until Feb. 7 to splurge on one.

Before anyone proclaims this to be the world’s most expensive pizza, be aware there are many other contenders for that spot, including a $1,000 caviar-and-lobster creation in New York and a $2,400 truffle pie in Malta that’s also festooned with gold.

Tony's Pizza Napoletana/Facebook

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