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Cracking down: In an operation targeting sanctuary cities, ICE has arrested nearly 500 immigrants across the country over the past few days, the most in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Denver. The New York Times reports:

The operation came amid an escalating conflict between these jurisdictions and the Trump administration, which has faced several legal challenges in its efforts to mandate cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. The arrests this week were a stinging rebuke to sanctuary cities, several of which have passed ordinances or policies preventing full cooperation with ICE.

Catalonia’s vote: Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau blames the “wave of repression” from Spain’s conservative government for why her Catalonia region wants to split from the rest of the country—to be decided via referendum vote Sunday. She’s asking mayors in Europe’s capital cities to “lobby on behalf of her call for dialogue and mediation,” The Associated Press reports.

  • See also: An anti-referendum view from a former NATO and EU official sees Catalonia’s nationalist instincts as a threat to Barcelona’s ability “to become a global icon as part of a diverse Spain.” (New York Times)

MLK city design: The same guy who created the Beltline has now come up with Atlanta City Design, a sweeping vision for the growing metro that takes its gentrification-fighting cues from a 1957 Martin Luther King Jr. speech, “The Beloved Community.”  (Co.Design)

Sustainable sprawl: The Newhall Ranch project, planting 21,500 new homes to northern Los Angeles County, may be one of the most environmentally friendly suburban developments California has seen. But make no mistake, The Los Angeles Times writes: It’s still sprawl.

Love of the game: Sports-loving London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been chasing American teams to play in his city, including NFL matches in Twickenham and Wembley stadiums. His big dream—host an NFL franchise in London. (CityMetric)

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