University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing stands near a car after driver Samuel DuBose was allegedly pulled over and shot during a traffic stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Is It Time to Reconsider Traffic Stops?

What researchers found after analyzing data gathered from 20 million stops in North Carolina.

Fog is seen clearing around the Shard skyscraper in Londo.n.

The Hidden Forces That Shape Cities

It’s not always big leaders with big plans.

The Sunnyside Social Club, a member of the MTA MUSIC program, performs at the 2nd Avenue Subway station in Manhattan.

Auditioning Not for Broadway, but the Subway

Each year, hundreds of musicians vie to see their name not in lights, but in pink, on a banner indicating they’ve earned official status to perform in New York City’s subway stations.

Rest In Peace, Ikea Bike

The Sladda bicycle was an attempt to help city-dwellers ease into life without cars. Now a sweeping recall is bringing the product to its demise.

CityLab Daily: Is LEED Tough Enough?

Also: Watch the suburbs in today’s elections, and what Pyeongchang looks like after the Olympics.

The Strange, Enduring Charm of Japan’s Civic Mascots

Like local sports teams or favorite regional dishes, these weird, lovable characters are now an indelible part of the identities of a generation who cannot imagine their hometowns without them.

A man hikes alone in nature.

Stressed Out? Go Outside, and Go Alone

Spending time by yourself in nature is good for mental health, and can make you a better leader.

This Is the Last Straw

It’s time to crack down on single-use plastic drinking utensils, the world’s most disposable product.

Won-kyu Kang works behind the front desk at I Want Resort, which was built in 2016 for Olympic visitors.

Here’s What Pyeongchang Looks Like Now

Three months after the end of the Olympics, the resort town is all but deserted.

The Indigenous Voice of Mexico City

Slowly, native culture seems to be emerging from the shadows.

Building a Community in Brooklyn’s Backyards

In 1983, neighbors on an unusual block agreed to create a more open, shared space behind their homes. What they built remains a special slice of nature in a bustling city.

We Need to Talk About the Far-Out Future of Cities

How do we shift our mindsets? How do we think about our urban historical past? Mayors, thought leaders, and practitioners weigh in.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta and U.S. President Barack Obama meet in 2015. Something in common?

Fortress ‘Black in America’: Closed to Africans?

In a real-life Killmonger-T’Challa story, a writer of Kenyan origin reflects on her experience as an immigrant in America and her struggle to find bonds with black Americans.

Debris left behind in Ellicott City, Maryland, after catastrophic flooding on Sunday.

When the Water Came for Me

In just a few hours on Sunday afternoon, the residents of Ellicott City, Maryland, became climate refugees. Here’s what that feels like.

What San Francisco's Mayoral Race Says About the City's Progressive Soul

The campaign has become as much about candidate biographies, super PAC money, and the city’s unique ranked choice voting system as it is about issues like homelessness and property crime.

A cow stands in front of a barn painted with a U.S. flag

The 3 Rural Americas

Not all rural areas are declining: Some are thriving, while others are undergoing significant transitions.

What Mayors Are Talking About

In their annual state of the city addresses, mayors are calling out the elephant in the room.

The writer Tom Wolfe in 2016.

Tom Wolfe on 5 Cities

The late journalist and novelist was an exuberant chronicler of urban settings.

A view of Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Comes Up for Air

Grassroots environmental activism is on the rise in the capital of post-Soviet Georgia.