Why We Blame Millennials For Everything

Malcolm Harris argues that grim realities are driving the disdain for Gen Y.

Postmodern building in central London.

A Symbol of London's Finance Heyday Shifts to Coworking

A monument to the city’s pre-millennial excess will now become a WeWork.

London's Future: More People, Fewer Cars

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Draft London Plan sets out a vision of how Britain’s capital will change by 2029.

Good Book, Weird Museum

D.C.’s new Museum of the Bible blends history and insight with spectacle.

The Hidden Signals in Corporate Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies

The ritual can reveal much more about government-business relations than you’d think, according to a new analysis.

People arrive at Hoboken Terminal to commute to New York City.

Why Are Millennials Leaving New Jersey?

Jersey’s supply of compact, mixed-use neighborhoods is limited, and Millennials are noticing.

The Extreme Amazon Bidder Just Got Real

Chula Vista is offering free land; Fresno is ceding community control; and New Jersey is offering $7 billion in incentives. Here’s what else we know about the 30 publicly available Amazon HQ2 bids.

How Brexit Got Snagged on the Irish Border

Britain’s attempts to leave the European single market are threatening to re-ignite an old conflict.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

Big Tech and the City

CityLab talks to Scott Galloway, author of The Four, about why the world’s biggest tech companies depend on cities.

Lab Report: Sidewalk Labs's Toronto Project Raises Privacy Concerns

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A dog is pictured.

Jordan's 'Holy War on Dogs'

The fatwa to kill wasn’t real, but the consequences were.

Shoppers ride escalators inside a mall in Vina del mar, Chile.

The Triumph of the Latin American Mall

Boosted by a growing middle class, the shopping mall is booming in Central and South America.

On the Trail of the Turducken

In Maurice, Louisiana, it’s time to make turkey-stuffed-with-duck-stuffed-with-chicken.

Two men sit in a car at night

How a Changing Landscape Brought Down the Mob in Brooklyn

The mafia's storied New York past has all but vanished.

A man arrives at the Uber offices in Queens, New York

Lab Report: Uber Paid Hackers To Cover Up Massive Breach

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A Bizarre Dispute Nearly Derailed America's 'City on a Hill'

The traditional story of the Pilgrims leaves out the real danger that emerged from two Englishmen who sought to undermine the legal basis for settlements in New England.

With a Bikeshare-Powered Tree, a Town Chooses Sustainability Over Tradition

A Maryland suburb is ringing in the holidays with a message about clean energy.

Lab Report: A Permanent Block on Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A scene from Hey Arnold! is pictured.

Even Hey Arnold's Neighborhood Is Gentrifying Now

Series creator Craig Bartlett explains how he built the cartoon city that every ‘90s kid dreamed of living in.

Why Sexual Harassment Rates Are So High in the Restaurant Industry

Where working for tips means the customer is always right, waitresses, bartenders, and other tipped-wage workers endure stunning rates of sexual harassment.