A man soaking in a hot tub made from a giant pothole on a street, surrounded by dirt and construction tape

How to Get the City to Notice Your Damn Pothole

A citizen’s guide to wacky schemes, from impromptu hot tubs to “birthday parties.”

Today's Troublemakers Are Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

New research shows that those with “smart and illicit” aptitudes and behaviors as kids turned out to become creative business owners later in life.

The Case For Hiring Ex-Offenders

New research shows how keeping people with criminal records out of the workforce costs us.

A man elevated by crane works on the roof of a partially deconstructed house.

Tearing Down Homes, Building a Workforce

After Portland banned demolition of its oldest homes, it forged a path for women and people of color to find higher-paying work in the trades.

A safe-passage sign outside an elementary school in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood

Redefining Manhood Amid Violence in Chicago

A youth counseling program lets kids take the lead to navigate ethics and integrity.

Amirah Mitchell, 14, harvests beets on a suburban Boston farm.

Envisioning Nature-Rich Cities

Author Richard Louv invites us to imagine a future filled with urban parks, greenery, and gardens.

An Uber pulls up to a curb at New York's LaGuardia airport.

Ride-Share Drivers in Boston Are Losing Their Jobs Over Decades-Old Offenses

Since a new bill came into effect in January, 8,000 drivers have had their certificates revoked—some over infractions from the 1950s.

A girl carries an inflatable tube.

Teenagers Have Stopped Getting Summer Jobs. Why?

Most used to work in July and August. Now the vast majority don’t. Are they being lazy, or strategic?

Food court workers sift out scraps at a mall.

Does It Matter What We Do?

A new podcast and documentary take stock of individual choices against the backdrop of immense, looming threats.

A kid stands among shelves full of chips, cereal, and bread, all made out of felt.

The World's Most Charming, Useless Bodega

In an uneasy critique of independent stores’ vanishing footprint, this art installation sells toilet paper, tins of fish, and tubs of ice cream, all made out of felt.

Ruth, 35 years old, has been working with flowers since she arrived to the United States at the age of 18. She works in a flower truck on the corner of White Plains Road and Story Avenue with her 3 sons and others.

A Neighborhood Look at Immigrant Life

These photos, taken by middle- and high-school students, reveal glimpses of the contributions immigrants make in their community in the South Bronx.

The team waits in the locker room before a match.

Meet the Migrant Workers Building Qatar's World Cup Stadiums

A new film follows the men playing in a soccer match comprised of laborers constructing buildings for the 2022 tournament.

Ivan Fransuzov, the postman of Great Dervent, stamps papers in an office.

Can Refugees Bring This Bulgarian Town Back From the Brink?

A new documentary, The Good Postman, dives into local electoral politics and reflects back a much larger, more global dialogue around the refugee crisis.

Oregon's Niagara Falls, Revealed

Hidden behind the industry on its banks, Willamette Falls has long been out of reach. A $25 million river walk will soon change that.

A package moves along a conveyer belt at Amazon's fulfillment center in DuPont, Washington.

Amazon Makes Its Pitch to Low-Income Shoppers

The retail giant is slashing membership fees for families on federal welfare.

Two men, dressed in military uniforms, chat with a woman in a flowy dress and pearls.

At These Costume Parties, Londoners Take Refuge in Blitz Nostalgia

The rose-tinted look at history is bumping against current terror attacks.

The Problem With Promoting Startups

Encouraging new, young businesses instead of older ones is considered a more effective path to job creation. A new study suggests that it’s not that clear.

Can Cities Hack Diversity?

Pittsburgh has declared itself an “inclusive innovation city,” meaning it is committed to making sure that white people aren’t the only beneficiaries of the tech-based economy it’s trying to cultivate. Here’s how that’s working out.

A young boy in front of plane at an airport

What Family Photos Reveal About National Identity

The Royal Ontario Museum is staging an exhibition devoted to snapshots—and what it means to be Canadian.

People gather in the street near an open gallery in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood for a "First Friday" event.

Indie Art Has a Walkability Problem

The clustering of artists at First Friday events highlights how affordability usually constrains small-scale art to less-prominent spaces.