A Flicker of Hope for a Borderless Europe

Denmark and Sweden put passport checks on hold… for now.


Sweden and Denmark Launch an International Bike Ferry

From Copenhagen to Malmö on two wheels.

Thomas Rousing/Wikimedia Commons

Copenhagen's Wetland Debate: To Build or Preserve?

One of the city’s ruling political parties wants to abandon plans for new housing on an open wetland.

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Finding Joy in Urban Winters

The Danish concept of hygge, or coziness, offers a blueprint.

Lynsey Grosfield

Why Copenhagen Residents Want to Live on Urban Gardens

High rents are driving some Danes to not-quite-legal cabins and cottages.

Courtesy of Thomas Dambo

Urban Birds Are Making Themselves at Home in These Colorful Little Houses

A Danish artist builds scrapwood houses for his avian neighbors.

COBE and Luxigon

How Copenhagen Paused Its Waterfront Redevelopment

The city's five-year period of encouraging "creative" businesses helped Paper Island thrive, but what happens now?

Wikimedia Commons/Jdcollins13

Copenhagen's Bus Drivers Are Learning Aikido

Japanese breathing techniques, meet rush hour.

News Oresund / Flickr

Why Copenhagen Has Almost Perfect Water

Residents of the Danish capital swim in its harbor and drink some of the world’s purest tap water—taking care not to waste it—thanks to decades of government efforts.

Erland Vinberg / TT via AP

The Bridge That United Copenhagen and Malmo Is Now Dividing Them

The Oresund, a favored passage between Sweden and Denmark for Europe’s refugees, has become a source of great tension.

Steven Holl Architects

Of Course Copenhagen Is Building a Bike Lane in the Sky

The city’s new pedestrian and cycling bridge will hang between two towers.

Silver Spring Networks

Copenhagen's 'Smart' New Street Lamps Shine Brighter for Cyclists

The environmentally friendly lights can also dim at times to save energy.


Copenhagen's Pioneering Bike Share Program Is Days Away From Being Scrapped

The Danish capital is embroiled in a battle with the company responsible for providing fancy new bikes for the program.

Jesper Frausig

Leave It to Denmark to Make a Sleek, Solar-Powered, Electric Bicycle

The Solar Bike can purr for 40 miles on sustainable energy.

'Bikes vs. Cars' Wages the Wrong War

A review of Fredrik Gertten's new documentary.


Why the Mayor of Copenhagen Wants to Get Into the Marijuana Business

He sees it as the only way for the Danish capital to get a grip on its huge Cannabis trade.

Copenhagenize Design Company

A Clever Cargo-Bike Parking Solution

They make city-living much easier, but are a pain to park. Now, Copenhagenize Design Company might have a fix.


9 Reasons the U.S. Ended Up So Much More Car-Dependent Than Europe

Understanding mistakes of the past can help guide U.S. transportation policy in the future.