'The Good Place' star William Jackson Harper.

How a Dallas Parking Lot Inspired a Play by William Jackson Harper

The Good Place star wrote Travisville after learning about a civil rights battle that displaced a black community near the Texas State Fair.

The Police Brutality Video That Still Haunts McKinney, Texas

Three years after an infamous pool-party incident, I returned to find suburbanites who feel threatened, a mayor and activists at odds, and socioeconomic divisions that persist.

Lab Report: Is London Lost in Brexit Britain?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

For Most Cities, the Tech Boom Is a Bust

Contrary to technology’s image as an equalizer, digital service jobs in United States have clustered and concentrated in a select few metros.

The Personal Lives of Forgotten Trinkets

A photographer explores the emotional connections of mementos that change hands at Dallas estate sales.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown Retires

Brown became a national figure after a gunman killed five law-enforcement officers in Texas last month.

Is the Dallas Police Department a Model for Reform? Depends on Which Part of Dallas You're From

The department’s efforts have drawn praise nationwide, but the city’s black and Latino communities don’t necessarily see a difference.

Texas Weather Forecast: Scalding, With a Chance of Desert Dust From Africa

Grime wafting across the ocean from the Sahara is predicted to reach Houston today.

A Digital Library for All Your Community-Building Needs

The People’s Design Library gives neighbors the reins on public-space projects.

Where U.S. Metro Economies Are Growing or Shrinking

America's national GDP grew 2.3 percent in 2014, but not every city fared equally well.

Amid Great Progress, Texas High-Speed Rail Takes a Big Step Back

Federal officials rule the rail line won’t stop in Downtown Houston.

Fighting the Notion of 'Pedestrian Error' in Dallas Street Deaths

One city council member says it's time to stop blaming the victims and start addressing the real problem: car-friendly design.

Uber and Public Transit Are Trying to Get Along

Emerging partnerships hold promise for reducing car-reliance, but they raise questions about who’s winning out in the deal.

UFO-Shaped Clouds Appear Over Texas

It's rare to find these types of formations in the South.

Southwest Airlines Hasn't Decided Whether or Not to Oppose Texas High-Speed Rail

The carrier has fought against a bullet train in the state before.

Debunking 5 Myths About Texas High-Speed Rail

The "Berlin Wall" is not being built on your farmland, for one.

Meet the Opposition to Texas High-Speed Rail

Don't mess with their roads.

Drones Are Getting in on the Building-Demolition Game

But their presence during implosions is making some people unhappy.

The Restaurant of Second Chances

Acclaimed Dallas chef Chad Houser opens a permanent home for Café Momentum, giving on-the-job training to young offenders.

What Does Living 'Close' to Transit Really Mean?

New studies suggest proximity to transit is quite flexible and could extend to a mile out.