Construction worker approaching a tunnel being built as part of Israel's new high speed rail system.

The Long Road to High-Speed Rail In Israel

The $2-billion project will shorten the 37-mile commute between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by more than half the current drive time when finally debuts in 2018. Until then, it’s still a headache for politicians and commuters.

What Should the Israeli-Palestinian Border Look Like? You Decide

A new interactive tool allows you to decide how many Israeli settlers to annex and what constitutes a viable Palestinian state.

Jerusalem Bets on a Skyscraper Forest

Officials hope to build a jobs center near a new high speed rail station.

Graphic of the Day: Jerusalem's Sound Map

Mapping the city's church bells, sirens, and calls to prayer.

In Jerusalem, a Celebration Worthy of a Haircut

Orthodox Jews celebrate Lag Ba-Omer with bonfires and haircuts for three-year-olds boys.

Designs for a Divided Jerusalem

If a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict ever came to pass, it would create a profound urban planning challenge