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The Death of London's Garden Bridge, and the End Of An Era

Good riddance to London’s age of fanciful, functionless infrastructure.

Chris Youssef

Chasing London's Cloud of Feral Parakeets

Tracking the green birds gave me a new vantage point on the city.

Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Lab Report: Is London Lost in Brexit Britain?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

David Mirzoeff/Greenpeace

In London, a Grim Warning About Ocean Plastics

A public art piece sponsored by Greenpeace addresses the fact that by 2050 plastics will clog the guts of virtually all seabirds.

Hannah Mckay/Reuters

London Has Not Fallen

In the wake of another terrorist attack on a major capital city, the citizens of London have chosen to shrug and carry on. You should, too.

Peter Nicholls/Reuters

What Can London's Mayor Actually Do for the City?

Despite his high profile and ambitious agenda, Sadiq Khan holds one of Britain’s least understood offices.

West Midlands Police

London Police Will Pose as Cyclists to Catch Unsafe Drivers

Watch out, that cyclist you’re cutting off could be a cop.

David Ryder/Reuters

The 5 Kinds of Cities We'll See in the Populist Era

Will your city go into triage mode, double down on progressive policies, or flex its financial muscle in 2017?

TfL Youtube Channel

London Assures the World It's Open and Diverse

Since the Brexit vote, an ad campaign has been reaffirming the British capital’s character as a multi-ethnic hub.

Crack + Cider

A Pop-Up Shop for San Francisco's Homeless

This charity delivers cold-weather essentials to people on the street.

Stefah Wermuth/Reuters

In the Bike vs. Truck Showdown, London Sides With Cyclists

A new proposal will make roads safer by banning low-visibility trucks in 2020.

Crystal Bennes/Development Aesthetics

Keeping Track of London's Worst Construction Site Ads

It can be hard to avoid such street-level marketing campaigns for new developments in the U.K. capital.

A Demolition Gives a Huge British Chimney One Last Plume of Smoke

It’s said to be the tallest concrete structure ever exploded in the U.K.

Neil Hall/Reuters

Mapping the Sounds of the London Underground

The Next Station catalogs and remixes the aural environments of 55 Tube stops.

Keith Bedford/Reuters

A Tale of Two Cities' Language Requirements for Drivers

Why is New York scrapping its language test for cab drivers at the same time London is planning to enact a similar one?

Matt Crabtree

Seeing London Commuters as Renaissance Paintings

A photographer finds transcendence on the Tube.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Which European Cities Will Grab London's Post-Brexit Business?

There are many contenders, but no clear winner.

Vic Duran

Well-Lit Urban Centers Are Driving Up the Arrival of Spring

Light pollution makes trees bud at least a week before normal, say researchers.