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Lab Report: Is London Lost in Brexit Britain?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Race, Gentrification, and Health in Philadelphia

A study finds that black residents in gentrifying neighborhoods are more likely to report poorer health.

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Learning the Business Lessons of Hip Hop

At Philadelphia’s new Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship, aspiring businesspeople hone their skills with the guidance of hip hop artists and moguls.

Ann Sophie Lindström

The Equestrians of North Philly

How a riding club counters crime with horses.

Hopeworks 'N Camden

Where Dealing With Trauma Is Part of Job Training

An unusual nonprofit for disadvantaged youth combines real-world work experience with counseling to overcome past pain.  

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The Pain of the Permalancer

No security, no employer benefits, always having to hustle: these downsides of self-employment are well known. But what about the workload?

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Why Are European Cities So Dense?

It’s not just because they’re old.

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The City of Brotherly Love Has Little for Trump

To black voters in Philadelphia, the Republican nominee seems detached from reality, and voting for him is an idea they won’t even entertain.

Ghost Tour of Philadelphia

A Walk Through Philadelphia's Haunted Past

Ghost tours illuminate the spookier side to a city’s history.

Orbital ATK

The Entire East Coast Could See a Rocket Launch This Sunday

The Orbital ATK rocket is carrying supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

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Should Philadelphia Count on an Algorithm for Bail Reform?

Debate is brewing over whether individuals’ risk assessments will be based on factors out of their control.

Roofmeadow and Studio Ludo

Designing the Future of Play

Over the next several months, 50 innovative recreation spaces will spring up in cities across the U.S.

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How Philly's First Pay-What-You-Can Café Is Taking Aim at Hunger

And food waste, too.

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It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.

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A Real-Life Forum for Real Urban Issues

Urban Consulate aims to encourage uncomfortable—and inspiring—conversations in Detroit, Philly, and NOLA.

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Who's Protesting at the DNC?

Not just Bernie Sanders supporters. A diverse mix of progressive forces are actively opposing Clinton’s nomination, and taking it to Philly’s streets.

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The Unseen Philadelphia

The city’s outlying working and middle-class neighborhoods are beginning to look increasingly unstable.

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Navigating Philadelphia's Antiquated Mass Transit System: A Delegate's Guide

Good luck figuring out the bus schedules, using the concourses, and holding on to your tokens.