Also: Why won’t women ride “little vehicles,” and will Buffalo become a climate change haven?

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Stump the mayors: Tomorrow, three of the five former and current mayors who are running for president will have to answer to a council of their city-leading peers. In Iowa, the U.S. Conference of Mayors will hold a Local America Presidential Forum with former mayors Cory Booker and Julián Castro, current Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and two non-mayoral candidates: billionaire Tom Steyer and Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The conference of mayors will present the White House hopefuls with a city hall-centered policy agenda for 2020 chock-full of specific priorities from housing to infrastructure. But the forum also underscores a more general message: Mayors say they're more in touch with the priorities their citizens are actually talking about. CityLab's Sarah Holder has the details on the mayors’ slate of proposals: Mayors to Presidential Hopefuls: Listen to Cities

Andrew Small

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Why Aren’t More Women Riding Electric Scooters?

Most users of micromobility devices like dockless scooters and e-bikes are young men. Fixing that gender gap may take more than just adding safety features.

Laura Bliss

Understanding ‘Black Fugitivity’ in Queen & Slim

The film asks you to believe that an African American couple fleeing police would have a better shot at freedom in the Deep South than in the North. Here's why.

Brentin Mock

Will Buffalo Become a Climate Change Haven?

The Western New York city possesses a distinct mix of weather, geography, and infrastructure that could make it a potential climate haven. But for whom?

Jeremy Deaton

I Used This Map to Find a Happy Childhood

I was haunted by painful memories of growing up. But when I started tracking every county I’d ever visited, I found a better way of seeing my past.

Steven Higashide

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