The Heated Politics of Renewable Energy, Remembering Beaches as Battlegrounds for Civil Rights, and more...

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Heated Politics of Renewable Energy

As cities vow to meet the Paris climate commitments, rival researchers debate the true costs of going 100-percent renewable.

Laura Bliss

Remembering Beaches as Battlegrounds for Civil Rights

In 1960, black protesters in Biloxi, Mississippi, were attacked while demanding equal access to public beaches. Now the remaining activists are working to preserve the history of the “wade-ins” that opened the space to everyone.

Linda Poon

What Will Uber Become Without Travis Kalanick as CEO?

Investors forced the brash executive’s resignation for the good of the company—but what does that mean for its future?

Adrienne LaFrance

Retracing Black Gotham

A walking tour and graphic novel series memorialize Manhattan’s earliest African residents.

Jessica Leigh Hester

Student Pen-Pals Anthologize Their Lives in a Divided Chicago

Collected in a new book, a series of dispatches between Chicago teens spotlights conversations that look beyond their differences.

Krutika Pathi

The End of Diesel

The highly efficient fuel was supposed to be the future. Is it now doomed?

Nicholas Clairmont

Coming June 28: A Day for the Homeless

The solutions for this urban problem seem intractable. We’re interested in finding out whether that’s truly the case.