The End of the Neighborhood School, 'Guerrilla Bike Lanes' Prove a Reluctant City Wrong, and more...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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The End of the Neighborhood School

Trump’s education budget aims to deliver a big boost to “school choice”—and siphon resources from urban schools in low-income areas.

Mimi Kirk

'Guerrilla Bike Lanes' Prove a Reluctant City Wrong

Officials in Latvia’s capital keep saying there’s no room for dedicated lanes. Cycling activists just showed them how it’s done.

Feargus O'Sullivan

How Cities Beat the White House in the 1980s

In 1986, the city of Baltimore battled the Reagan administration over its local anti-apartheid ordinances—and won. How they prevailed may have important lessons for cities trying to resist Trump today.

Brentin Mock

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Improving the Quality of Life for All Citizens

City leaders are using technology and data to make big impacts with tight budgets. Atlanta and Columbus are becoming more efficient and economically robust while improving the quality of life for their citizens. Read their success stories at Read More.Read More

In Trump's America, Infrastructure Is Not for the People

The president’s 2018 budget proposal bulldozes support for nearly everything that wouldn’t entice private investors.

Laura Bliss

Punishing Immigrants for Sprawl

The costs of living in a car-centric culture can be particularly hard on undocumented immigrants.

Tanvi Misra

How to Keep Thieves Away From Your Bike

Bay Area bike pros explain how to save your ride from being picked apart like a free Thanksgiving turkey.

John Metcalfe

Life in the Bike Lane

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