sep 19, 2017

A Troubled Bike Share Takes a Time-Out

After thefts and vandalism, Baltimore’s new bike share system has suspended operations for a month.  

Andrew Small

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A Wary South Side Eyes Obama's Return

The Obama Presidential Center is poised to transform Chicago’s Jackson Park, as well as its surrounding neighborhoods. But residents want a binding community benefits agreement

Natalie Y. Moore

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How to Save a Dying Suburb

For older, inner-ring suburbs in the Northeast and Midwest, the best hope often lies in merging with the city.

Aaron Renn

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The Rust Belt Needs Legal Immigration

A new study finds that the Midwest is heavily dependent on this “demographic lifeline.”

Ronald Brownstein

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How Trump Is Helping the Politics of Local Climate Action

On the first day of Climate Week, mayors from around the world are reasserting pledges to deliver on the Paris agreement.

Laura Bliss

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The Commuter Parking Benefit Is Seriously Hurting Cities

The federal government spends $7.6 billion a year paying people to drive to work, and it’s making traffic and pollution worse. Here’s how some cities are fighting back.

Benjamin Schneider

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