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This Startup Helps You Buy a House (If You Hand Over Your Airbnb Income)

For buyers in hot real-estate markets, a new kind of mortgage offered by a company called Loftium might offer a way to purchase a home.

Kriston Capps

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Octopuses Are Urbanists, Too

Scientists were surprised to find that this smart and solitary species had built a cephalopod city. Why?

Amanda Kolson Hurley

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Portland Prepares for the Freeway Fight of the Century

A grass-capped highway expansion in a gentrifying neighborhood? Sounds familiar.

Laura Bliss

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The New Way People Will Move Around Cities

Mobility companies are partnering with cities to give streets back to its citizens.

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Nashville's Water Wars

The growing metro area is full of rivers and creeks that keep spilling over. In order to design a solution, officials will have to bridge the urban-rural divide.

Lyndsey Gilpin

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Dan Doctoroff on Rebuilding New York After 9/11

The former deputy mayor of economic development describes the policy discussions that led to rezoning 40% of the city during a period of dramatic growth.

Richard Florida

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What Will Happen to the Gulf Coast If the Oil Industry Retreats?

Hurricane Harvey pummeled the country’s energy infrastructure, and there are few incentives in place to promote renewables.

Michael Isaac Stein

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