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oct 17, 2019

A 13,235-Mile Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather Every Day

This year-long journey across the U.S. keeps you at consistent high temperatures.

John Metcalfe

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How Housing Wealth Transferred From Families to Corporations

The Great Housing Reset has led to growing numbers of single-family homes shifting from owner-occupied housing to investment vehicles for large corporations.

Richard Florida

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What New Research Says About Race and Police Shootings

Two new studies have revived the long-running debate over how police respond to white criminal suspects versus African Americans.

Brentin Mock

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This Conservative City Built a $132 Million Park Using One Weird Trick

Oklahoma City’s new Scissortail Park is a serious investment in the public realm, paid for by the city’s special sales tax for capital projects, called MAPS.

Zach Mortice

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What WeWork’s Demise Could Do to NYC Real Estate

The troubled coworking company is the largest office tenant in New York City. What happens to the city’s commercial real estate market if it goes under?

Sarah Holder and Kriston Capps

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Why the Bus Got So Bad, and How to Save It

TransitCenter’s Steven Higashide has created a how-to guide to help city leaders and public transportation advocates save struggling bus systems.

John Surico

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