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Seattle Is Suing Trump Over Sanctuary Cities

The lawsuit will claim that city officials aren’t breaking any laws by refusing to aid in federal law enforcement crackdowns.

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Leave the Liberal City Alone

America’s biggest, wealthiest cities aren’t succeeding at the expense of others, and breaking them up just doesn’t make sense.

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When Women Walk the City

In a new book, the writer Lauren Elkin excavates the female flâneur in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Venice, and London.

Ariel Sophia Bardi

Can Nepal Use a Natural Disaster to End Caste Discrimination?

Planners want to use the country’s 2015 earthquake as a springboard for tackling deep-seated divisions through long-term rebuilding.

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What Keeps Most American Cities From Decline

Many megaregions would be in Rust Belt mode if they weren’t buoyed by an influx of international job-seekers, Census numbers show. What happens if those people stop coming?

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Where's the Best Place to Live Under the American Health Care Act?

New data shows just how arbitrary premium increases might be for Americans if the GOP plan becomes law.

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The Tech Helping Immigrants Hack the Ban

Across the country, designers and coders are coming together to develop tools for communities targeted by Trump’s orders.

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The Midwest Is in Trouble

New Census estimates show the Snowbelt-to-Sunbelt migration pattern is deepening.

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The Geography of Populist Discontent

“There are times when rational, well-educated societies lose a sense of perspective,” says urban scholar Josef Konvitz. The global populist backlash represents one of those times.

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Is Economic Despair What's Killing Middle-Aged White Americans?

Two Princeton economists elaborate on their work exploring rising mortality rates among certain demographics.

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Inside East Jerusalem's Bus System for Palestinians

While the network is clearly inferior to West Jerusalem's, less obvious is how it’s been privatized as a way to bypass the absence of an autonomous government to provide this public good.

How New York Created a Solar Boom

Currently, there are 3,215 installation projects throughout the city—triple the amount from 2014.

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Can the U.S. Survive Without a Strong Middle Class?

In a powerful new book, the legal scholar Ganesh Sitaraman argues that America’s government will fall apart as inequality deepens.

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The Many Mysteries of the Muslim Laptop Ban

A new Homeland Security rule will ban electronics on flights from airports in Muslim-majority countries. Is this protectionism or prudence? Well, it’s complicated.

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What Is Really Behind the Populist Surge?

It’s not about “economic anxieties.”


The Cities Trumpcare Would Hurt (and Help)

Under the AHCA, urban centers dominated by poor people of color would feel the most pain.

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What Will Happen to Americans Who Can't Afford an Attorney?

President Trump’s budget would eliminate the Legal Services Corporation, which helps low-income individuals obtain representation in civil proceedings.

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What Data-Driven Mayors Don't Get

In an age of growing alienation from civic institutions, the technocrats running many American cities don’t understand what old-style political machines once delivered.

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For Cities of the Future, Three Paths to Power

In an era of geopolitical turbulence, urban leaders will have to demand representation at international institutions—or take more radical action.