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Lab Report: Texas Opens a New Battlefront on Sanctuary Cities

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Who Thought 'Open Classrooms' Were a Good Idea?

The flexible, spacious school rooms of the 1960s and 70s often failed miserably. Why are some designers and educators trying to bring them back?

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When Planning For Sea-Level Rise Turns to Play

Marin County’s “Game of Floods” teaches citizens how to make tough decisions for the future.

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How Black America Inadvertently Helped Build Mass Incarceration

A new book examines how African-American communities contributed to laying the groundwork for a punitive criminal-justice system.

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Here's What Manhattan Sounded Like in 1609

A new virtual reality project reconstructs the city’s historic soundscape.

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How America's Middle Class Compares to Europe's

The U.S. middle class is smaller, but richer. Still, income inequality is rising faster in Europe.

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If Cities Ruled the World

A discussion between Richard Florida, Jonathan Haidt, and the late Benjamin Barber about how how “rebel cities” can resist the Trump administration and create a new form of “urban sovereignty.”


Lab Report: How Will Amtrak Fix Penn Station?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Sanctuary Cities Are Winning

A federal court blocks Trump’s January executive order seeking to punish jurisdictions that divorce local policing from federal immigration enforcement.


Mapping Where the Lights Are Brighter, And Where They're Going Dark

In four short years, urbanization, economics, and war have changed a satellite’s view of the Earth at night.

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A Filthy River Lands in the Spotlight in Venezuelan Protests

In Caracas, the Guaire River is synonymous with excrement and garbage. That has given President Nicolás Maduro a handy metaphor for recent anti-government demonstrations.

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Who's Calling the Shots On Autonomous Vehicles?

As AVs trickle onto city streets, public leaders should set the rules of the road—before the industry does.

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What Was Lost in the Fires of the L.A. Riots

In a new documentary, previously unseen footage collected by the Los Angeles Police Department reveals how the narrative of the riots has changed in 25 years.

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The Privilege of School Choice

When given the choice, will wealthy parents ever choose to desegregate schools?

How to Find Your Real Sister City

The Chicago Fed’s new data-mapping tool can identify towns with sibling connections.

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The United Cities of America

Americans on the right have long argued for the “devolution” of power from the federal government to the states. With President Trump in office, Americans on the left should consider taking that idea further: devolving power to cities.


Lab Report: Mayors Fear the Trump Budget

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Bipartisan Support of Public Goods Made America Great

It’s time for the U.S. to stop turning its back on the efforts that gave us public schools, transportation networks, and national parks.