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A man rides an electric scooter in Los Angeles.

Why Do City Dwellers Love to Hate Scooters?

Electric scooters draw a lot of hate, but if supported well by cities, they have the potential to provide a widespread and beneficial mode of transportation.

How Urban Democrats Became the Most Powerful Force in U.S. Politics

The 150-year history of how a once-rural party became synonymous with density.

a photo of a country music performer in Nashville.

Why Nashville Can't Quit Country Music

A historian on the Ken Burns documentary Country Music explains why the Tennessee capital’s bond with country music endures, even as the city has boomed.

a photo of a bike lane in Boulder, Colorado.

Why Boulder Blocked Electric Scooters

The famously bike-friendly Colorado city has some of the best cycling infrastructure in North America. But electric scooters still aren’t welcome to use it.

Two women painting colorful panels outdoors with other artists in the background

East Harlem Hasn’t Gotten Its Subway Yet, But It Is Getting Vibrant Art

As East Harlem waits for the Trump Administration to fund the Second Avenue subway, the Uptown GrandScale Mural Project is changing blight to beauty.

CityLab Daily: The Art of Cleaning Up City Hall

Also: The question presidential candidates don’t get asked, and why are U.S. homes so big?

a photo of the 2020 Democratic presidential debate stage.

The Question the Presidential Candidates Don’t Get Asked

Affordable housing is an urgent crisis, and 11 candidates have presented plans for solving it. But you wouldn’t know this by watching the TV debates.

My International Love Story, in Three Maps

My relationship has unfolded across three cities. But now my boyfriend and I are heading into uncharted territory.

A photo of Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr.,

Un-Corrupting City Hall

These cities all suffered notorious municipal scandals. What have officials and voters done to tackle corruption and keep it from happening again?


Americans Like Their Homes Big. The Rest of the World Doesn’t Keep Up

The U.S. is in the top tier of house sizes internationally—and it’s not just because of McMansions.

A mural of Woody Guthrie in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Don't Move People Out of Distressed Places. Instead, Revitalize Them

A new study shows that place-based policies are key to helping people in distressed cities, where investments should be tailored to local economic conditions.

CityLab Daily: Greening Without Gentrification

Also: Why Americans stopped volunteering, and a model mega-development rises in New York.

An architectural rendering of a large new development in Manhattan, set against the New York skyline.

Why Essex Crossing Is a Model Mega-Development

With a large share of affordable housing and restrained architecture, the six-acre project seeks to fit into—rather than shake up—New York’s Lower East Side.

A view of Rikers from an airplane

Rikers Was Planned as NYC’s Kinder, Gentler Jail. What Happened?

When Rikers Island jails were designed, critics called them “palaces for prisoners.” New York City is planning replacements, but will they be any better?

Choked by Air Pollution, Krakow Bans Coal From Homes

In a city where coal and wood are commonly used to heat homes, forcing change is a meaningful step to help clear the air—but more challenges remain.

a photo of volunteers packing meals for food-insecure individuals during an event in New York on the anniversary of 9/11.

Why Americans Stopped Volunteering

The terror attacks on September 11, 2001, inspired a national surge in civic spirit. But volunteering rates have been declining over the last two decades.

The Trouble With America’s Water

Lead-tainted drinking water is not only a problem in Flint and Newark.

MapLab: Trump’s ‘Mutilated’ Storm Map

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

People walk along a new elevated park that winds through a historic urban area.

How to Build a New Park So Its Neighbors Benefit

A new report from UCLA and the University of Utah surveys strategies for “greening without gentrification.”

CityLab Daily: What’s Behind Trump’s Skid Row Crackdown?

Also: California just upended gig work, and a new realm for maps that lie.