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Is Housing Catching Up?

New Census numbers show big population gains in America's big cities. According to our analysis, new housing in some cities may be finally making a dent in years of pent-up demand.

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How an Icon of Venezuelan Architecture Became a Prison

The Helicoide was going to be the world’s first drive-through mall. Now it is a prison that former inmates describe as hellish.

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Lab Report: When Growth Goes Wrong

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Behold the Power of the Seriously Loud Bike Horn

“It makes me laugh every time,” says a Brooklyn cyclist who uses an assault-grade bike horn.

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Trump’s Budget Takes Aim at Sanctuary Cities

The White House’s proposal could drive a wedge between local governments and their own employees when it comes to immigration policy.

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How to Build a Better Kids' Bike

Isla Rowntree started a company to give children the best ride possible. Now she’s working to make the bikes sustainable.

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The People Left Behind When Only the 'Deserving' Poor Get Help

Maine attached work requirements and time limits to its safety net, intensifying poverty in the state.

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Will India Ever Need Another Coal Plant?

The country’s energy infrastructure is changing rapidly as solar prices plummet.

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Fortress Britain's Coming Crackdown

In the wake of the Manchester attack, the U.K. government is stationing troops in cities and fast-tracking new laws to access encrypted messages.

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Is the Urban Renaissance Over?

The suburbs might be growing faster right now, but don’t be glum about the prospects for urban growth and revitalization.

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Inclusive Prosperity Is Incredibly Rare

Just a handful of large metro areas have been able to spread economic gains across all classes and races. What’s their secret?


How Renzo Piano Builds Cities

The 79-year-old architect discusses how openness in architecture makes for safer, happier places.

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We Rode the Copenhagen Wheel

The smart electric conversion is a lot of fun, but is it really the best e-bike for the city?

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Lab Report: Return of the Suburbs

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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The Problem With Calls for 'Resilience'

Why shouldn't a community fear random violence?

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Trump's Budget Is Bad for Bikes, Too

You thought getting your ride stolen was bad. Proposed cuts to key agencies and programs clip the lock on future bike trails.

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The End of the Neighborhood School

Trump’s education budget aims to deliver a big boost to “school choice”—and siphon resources from urban schools in low-income areas.

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'Guerrilla Bike Lanes' Prove a Reluctant City Wrong

Officials in Latvia’s capital keep saying there’s no room for dedicated lanes. Cycling activists just showed them how it’s done.