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Immigrants sing the national anthem during a naturalization ceremony.

Let’s Give Thanks for Immigrants

Immigrants and diversity have powered the growth of America and its cities going back to the 19th century.

Yes, Transit Users, You Could Get Hacked, Too

It’s not just Uber. New transportation services come with data risks, even when they’re from a public agency.

Counting Down to a Census Doomsday

Top-level vacancies and flatlined funding appear to be the Trump administration’s plans for the Census Bureau.

On the Trail of the Turducken

In Maurice, Louisiana, it’s time to make turkey-stuffed-with-duck-stuffed-with-chicken.

Pont Des Arts in Paris

Paris Wants to Build a Few Garden Bridges

Here’s what it should learn from London’s infamous efforts to build one.

Two men sit in a car at night

How a Changing Landscape Brought Down the Mob in Brooklyn

The mafia's storied New York past has all but vanished.

A Vancouver house designed in a modern style

How Cities Get 'Granny Flats' Wrong

A Vancouver designer says North American cities need bolder policies to realize the potential of accessory dwellings.

A young boy stands in the door of his home in Gary, Indiana.

The Future of the Rust Belt Depends on Its Youth

A new Urban Institute report argues that the states surrounding the Great Lakes can make an economic comeback—if they invest in their young people.  

A man arrives at the Uber offices in Queens, New York

Lab Report: Uber Paid Hackers To Cover Up Massive Breach

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A Bizarre Dispute Nearly Derailed America's 'City on a Hill'

The traditional story of the Pilgrims leaves out the real danger that emerged from two Englishmen who sought to undermine the legal basis for settlements in New England.

Avoiding Thanksgiving Traffic, With Science

Find the best times (and modes!) to get to dinner this record-breaking holiday weekend.

Are Electric Vehicles About to Hit a Roadblock?

With the EV tax credit on the chopping block and Tesla experiencing production delays, dreams of an electric future might prove elusive in the U.S.

Will Criminal Justice Reform Survive Under New Orleans' New Mayor?

How the mayoral race about criminal justice reform became a race about credit cards.

People wait for a bus to leave the reception center for migrants and refugees near Porte de La Chapelle.

A Hopeful Solution For Paris's Asylum-Seekers Unravels

A 400-bed shelter north of the city was supposed to be a model for the rest of France. One year in, it’s “anything but humanitarian and devalues the refugees.”

With a Bikeshare-Powered Tree, a Town Chooses Sustainability Over Tradition

A Maryland suburb is ringing in the holidays with a message about clean energy.

Brexit Just Got Real

E.U. agencies are packing up to leave London, and the city’s international power and prestige ebbs.

Lab Report: A Permanent Block on Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

An autonomous vehicle drives on a race track in California.

Driverless Cars Won’t Save Us

In fact, they’ll do the opposite of what techno-optimists hope, and worsen—not ease—inequality.

A map of California

Mapping Racial Disparities in the Golden State

Racial gaps in California get a county-by-county look in a new online tool.

A scene from Hey Arnold! is pictured.

Even Hey Arnold's Neighborhood Is Gentrifying Now

Series creator Craig Bartlett explains how he built the cartoon city that every ‘90s kid dreamed of living in.