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CityLab Daily: How Do You Fix the Bus? We Asked the Drivers.

Also: Rate your latest police encounter, and the brilliant artist that Chicago nearly forgot.

A map of California's Bay Area with a pop up window reading, "A 28-year-old intersex Asian gender nonconforming person got stopped on foot and felt relieved."

Rate Your Latest Police Encounter

Although a new app Raheem.Ai, stems from an incident of brutality, it’s for the sharing of all police interactions, good and bad, to support solutions to end police violence.

Immigration sting at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center in Castalia, Ohio, is pictured.

How Immigration Raids Inflict Trauma on Communities

The Department of Homeland Security’s enforcement tactics have created havoc in communities that stretched far beyond the people who were targeted. They’ve also led to new political alliances that reshaped the community.

How Do You Fix the Bus? We Asked the Drivers.

The people who know buses best have ideas about how to reform the system, according to a survey of 373 Brooklyn bus operators.

A stained glass artwork depicting two owls and geometric patterns

The Brilliant Artist That Chicago, and the World, Nearly Forgot

The idiosyncratic art of Edgar Miller (1899-1993) has long been hidden behind closed doors. Finally, Chicagoans are getting more opportunities to see it.

The Story of South Dallas in the Cover Art of Nas’ New Album

A photo of five young black boys holds the story of drugs, racial segregation, and despair in South Dallas.

‘This Tube Was Made For You and Me’

In 1966, the opening of Montreal’s rapid transit service was welcomed with a TV show and a song that praised the mayor who helped bring it to life.

CityLab Daily: D.C.’s War Over Restaurant Tips Will Soon Go National

Also: HQ2 employees might unwittingly pay their taxes to Amazon, and the crazies thing about Elon Musk’s plan for Chicago.

Sunlight falls on a row of graves through tree branches.

‘Aquamation’ Is Gaining Acceptance in America

Some people see water cremation as a greener—and gentler—way to treat bodies after death, but only 15 states allow it for human remains.

A young resident of a group home for foster children in Los Angeles.

Does Privatized Foster Care Put Kids at Risk?

The number of kids in foster care is climbing, and so are public costs. In search of efficiencies, many states have at least partially privatized their systems.

An Amazon worker in Phoenix, Arizona, wheels a dolly with boxes.

HQ2 Employees Might Unwittingly Pay Their Taxes to Amazon

Some cities vying for HQ2 offer a way for companies like Amazon to automatically recoup a percentage of employees’ salaries from…the employees.

A rendering of Elon Musk's Chicago Express Loop, which would transport passengers from downtown to O'Hare in 12 minutes.

The Craziest Thing About Elon Musk's 'Express Loop' Is the Price

The $1 billion construction estimate is a fraction of what subterranean transit projects cost.

A man in an Icelandic-flag shirt cheers and raises his arms at a soccer match.

The Planning Lesson in Iceland’s World Cup Miracle

“It’s about making long-term commitments,” said an architect in Reykjavik’s planning department.

D.C.’s War Over Restaurant Tips Will Soon Go National

The District’s voters will decide Initiative 77, which would raise the minimum wage on tipped employees. Why don’t workers support it?

A Motel Gets a Noble Second Life on Route 66

The transformation of Albuquerque’s Sundowner Motor Lodge appears to be part of an emerging trend where non-profit developers are seizing opportunities in old motels to create decent housing for those living on the fringes and most in need.

Mothers gather with their babies in New York's Central Park

Don’t Blame Expensive Housing for Falling Fertility

Lower birth rates in expensive cities are more likely due to how Americans self-sort by income, education, age, and other factors.

A guard crosses a prison parking lot.

Mass Incarceration’s Complex Statistics

A new study from the Vera Institute of Justice says that we should look closely at the populations, and relationship, of local jails and state prisons.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is pictured.

CityLab Daily: San Francisco Gets a First

Also: Wisconsin wants Millennials, and lessons from that raccoon’s climb up a tower.

A road repair truck for Domino's "Paving for Pizza" campaign.

Why Domino’s Pizza Is Fixing Potholes Now

Pizza delivery and infrastructure repair go together like ham and pineapple.