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What ‘Livability’ Looks Like for Black Women

Livability indexes can obscure the experiences of non-white people. CityLab analyzed the outcomes just for black women, for a different kind of ranking.

photo: The New York City Housing Authority's Ocean Bay Apartments Bayside complex in Queens.

As Trump Ditches a Fair Housing Rule, New York City Doubles Down

HUD’s reversal of an Obama-era mandate on discrimination comes as the De Blasio administration releases its own, very different fair housing blueprint.

A map of Minneapolis from the late 19th century.

When Minneapolis Segregated

In the early 1900s, racial housing covenants in the Minnesota city blocked home sales to minorities, establishing patterns of inequality that persist today.

photo: The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore

In the 1980s, Every City Needed a Science Center

Civic boosters were once convinced that planetariums and Tesla coils could revive American downtowns.

Photo: Jack Kemp meets California Governor Ronald Reagan in 1967

How Jack Kemp Rewrote the Urban Poverty Playbook

In the 1980s, a pro football quarterback-turned-politician championed big ideas to revitalize America’s cities. It didn’t work.

Photo of census

New York City’s Campaign to ‘Get Out the Count’ for the 2020 Census

New York City is investing an unprecedented amount—$40 million—in hopes of getting the city’s most elusive residents to fill out the 2020 Census.

Denser Housing Is Gaining Traction on America’s East Coast

Maryland joins Virginia with a new proposal to tackle the affordable housing crisis. And it’s sweeping in its ambition.

photo: Toxic lead paint peels from a window frame on a rowhouse in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Unequal Burden of Urban Lead

Decades after federal regulations banned the use of the deadly metal in paint, gasoline, and plumbing, the effects of lead continue to be felt across America’s cities.

CityLab Daily: Cities are for People

A final note from the author of the CityLab Daily.

Turning a Vast, Post-Industrial Wilderness Into a Park in Pittsburgh

The city acquired the 600-plus acres of Hays Woods, once used for mining and munitions, in 2016, but the work of restoring the land has only just begun.

CityLab Daily: The Decade the City Became the App Store

Also: More of CityLab’s most popular stories of 2019, and a next-generation trash bin.

What Defined the Decade Since CityLab Launched

What’s changed and what hasn’t since we set out to chronicle cities in 2011? To answer this question, we went back to CityLab’s roots.

photo: a video doorbell screen on a smartphone

How the On-Demand Economy Reshaped Cities

Since 2010, a slew of on-demand companies and technologies have managed to use consumer data to transform the commercial significance of urban living.

CityLab Daily: A Test for California’s New Gig Work Protection

Also today: The most popular CityLab stories of 2019.

photo: electric scooters in San Diego

Micromobility, Meet the Teamsters

Spin’s San Francisco workers have voted to join the local Teamsters union—a micromobility milestone made possible by a new state law.

CityLab Daily: Why Do Christmas Movies Hate Cities So Much?

Also today: Bringing Christmas back downtown, and the rise and fall of New Year’s fitness resolutions, in five charts.

photo: woman working in auto factory

How Valuing Productivity, Not Profession, Could Reduce U.S. Inequality

In this second part of an interview with economist Jonathan Rothwell, he explains that a just society wouldn’t reward different professions so unequally.

photo: a couple in a Christmas market.

Why Do Christmas Movies Hate Cities So Much?

The typical plots of holiday rom-coms involve women finding love in a make-believe small town—and getting out of the cruel big city.

CityLab Daily: Inside the Virginia Bill to Allow Denser Housing

Also: The book that captured Paris in the mid-1970s, and the downtown highway that could drive Hartford’s comeback.

photo: an aerial view of downtown Hartford, CT

The Downtown Highway That Could Drive Hartford’s Comeback

The Connecticut capital has been using zoning and transit reforms to stage a downtown recovery. But there’s one big thing in the way: an aging interstate.