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Why Sexual Harassment Rates Are So High in the Restaurant Industry

Where working for tips means the customer is always right, waitresses, bartenders, and other tipped-wage workers endure stunning rates of sexual harassment.

Why Is African Air Travel So Terrible?

Taking a flight between cities in different African nations is often expensive, circuitous, and unsafe. But better days for travelers may be coming.

A Bus-Shunning Texas Town's Big Leap to Microtransit

Arlington used to be the largest city in the U.S. without any buses at all. Now it’s going all in on on-demand shuttles.

More Evidence That the Olympics Won't Fix Your City

London really tried to use the 2012 Games to improve people’s lives. A new report shows the skeptics were right all along.

Mapping the Blurred Lines of Beirut’s Languages

The polyglot city boasts a crazy combination of tongues. Researchers are trying to untangle them.

'New Maine News' Is the Future of Media

We appear to be entering a golden age of local news satire.

An illustration of a front porch.

America Rediscovers Its Love of the Front Porch

In the 20th century, porches couldn’t compete with TV and air conditioning. Now this classic feature of American homes is staging a comeback as something more stylish and image-conscious than ever before.

LaToya Cantrell is pictured

Lab Report: New Orleans Elects Its First Female Mayor

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

What Happens When a School Stops Arresting Kids for Throwing Skittles

School officials in Jefferson Parish have embraced a much softer approach to discipline than just a few years ago. And suspensions are down dramatically.

Can Seattle Handle Its Own Growth?

A new survey finds Seattle residents are ambivalent about the dramatic economic expansion in their city.

Is Minimalism for Black People?

Black communities have long practiced core tenets of the lifestyle—yet are not well-represented amongst its most recognizable influencers.

A man running in a gas mask, surrounding by other racers

The Runners Racing Through Delhi's Smog

The city’s air-quality crisis coincided with the half-marathon. Some runners weren’t deterred.

A Small Town in Pennsylvania Has Been Ripped Apart by a New Gas Plant

There are lessons to be learned from what’s happened in Jessup.

People stand in front of a mountain.

Living at Higher Altitudes Could Be Bad for Mental Health

New research finds a curious relationship between altitude and suicide.

A figure walks along a beach with tufts of dune grass

The Rush to Storm-Proof Waterfront Parks

The NYC Parks Department is laying out a set of guidelines to prevent parkland from getting swamped by rain and waves.

Navigator: Moving

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Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina

A Highway to Progress, Foiled By Old Values

A Carolinian drives along a familiar road to make sense of what exists in between the South’s most regressive and progressive narratives.

Lab Report: Digging for the Real Dirt in Amazon's HQ2 Bids

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A highway passes through a rocky canyon

For Small Towns, National Parks Are a Buoy and a Burden

Visitors are flocking to the vistas and valleys. That’s not always great news for the tiny cities near the entrance.

A Soviet map of London, labeled in Russian.

The Soviet Military Secretly Mapped the Entire World

These intricate, curious maps were supposed to be destroyed. The ones that remain reveal a fascinating portrait of how the U.S.S.R. monitored the world.