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A pediatrician uses a light to peer inside a young boy's mouth as she examines him at a free clinic for the poor and uninsured.

What Urban Doctors Need to Understand About Patients' Health

Poor health isn’t just a result of individual choice. A program at Washington University in St. Louis teaches first-year medical students how the city’s environment shapes well-being.

The Rise of Public-Sector Crowdfunding

Around the country, local governments are soliciting donations for everything from dog parks to public defenders. Is this a practical response to budget cuts or a sign that publicly funded services are in trouble?

An autonomous Audi SUV.

Feds to Self-Driving Car Makers: Regulate Yourself

The Department of Transportation’s new set of voluntary safety guidelines might get more AVs on the road, and fast. But what happens if automakers don’t follow them?

How Park(ing) Day Went Global

One tiny DIY parklet became a model for reclaiming streets around the world.

An Unlikely Pairing of Sustainable Development and Hip Hop

Eight entrepreneurs and eight rappers try to sell the world on the UN’s environmental agenda through rap battles.

Emergency workers after the Parsons Green attack.

Lab Report: Terror on London's Underground

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

MTA bus driver patches.

An Encyclopedia of New York City Transit Design

Tickets, patches, maps, and timetables: a new book presents 150 years of Helvetica-heavy subway artifacts.  

A person wades through water in a flooded development in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Fort Myers, Florida.

Florida's Swamped Sewers Flooded Cities With Poop

Hurricane Irma caused massive sewage overflows, highlighting the twin dangers of an aging infrastructure and climate change.

The One Weird Trick Behind Ford's 'Ghost Driver' Test

To find out how self-driving vehicles communicate with pedestrians and other drivers, a team of experimenters resorted to some fakery.

An illustration of people talking in a car.

How to Talk to the Stranger Driving You Around Town

A Lyft driver’s pro tips for breaking through awkward silence and small-talk when you hail a ride.

The Rescue Impulse

Communities and spontaneous volunteers are the real first line of response in the wake of natural disasters.

Metro Incomes Rise, But Inequality Remains Stubborn

The new Census numbers are “a sign of sunshine, with some clouds.”

An inspector stands in front of an archway in a dark sewer tunnel

London's Sewers Are Clogged With Massive Globs of Fat. Here’s Why It’s Hard to Get Rid of Them

“Fatbergs,” these vast bundles of congealed grease, are becoming the stuff of urban legend—but preventing their formation can be complex.

Shoppers are pictured.

The Future of Retail Is Stores That Aren’t Stores

“Honey, I’m about to run to the town square—you need anything?”

Even Liberals Can Be Refugee NIMBYs

A new study finds that a collective action problem plagues support for settling displaced people in America.

Attendees at a new product announcement event at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California.

What Silicon Valley Doesn't Get About People

Poor planning didn’t just aggravate the area’s housing problem: It helped create the Valley’s growing empathy gap.

A homeless man is pictured in Philadelphia.

Lab Report: America's Poorest Big City

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Gwendel Wilson

The Infrastructure of the Opioid Epidemic

On Boston’s “Methadone Mile,” the city’s opioid users cluster around a few-block-stretch, where they find some support, and a sweeping range of treatment services. They are also out of sight of the rest of the city.

A woman is pictured reading in a bookstore.

Indie Bookstores Embrace the Side Hustle

A rebounding industry is finding success by doing what Amazon can’t. So grab a drink, make some friends, and stay awhile.

A prospective buyer looks at a rendering of a new apartment complex in Seoul in 2005.

Why Koreans Shun the Suburbs

In cities around the world, harried urbanites look to the suburbs for more space or a nicer house for their money. But in South Korea, the city apartment is still the dream.