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photo: an empty street in NYC

What a Coronavirus Recovery Could Look Like

Urban resilience expert Michael Berkowitz shares ideas about how U.S. cities can come back stronger from the social and economic disruption of coronavirus.

When Violence and Poverty Are Worse Than Covid-19

Migrants who have crossed the border into Mexico say they still fear violence and poverty back home more than the Covid-19 pandemic.

a photo of the Singapore skyline

The Strange, Fragile Normalcy of Life in Singapore

Hailed for its early efforts to contain Covid-19, Singapore has recently seen a surge in new coronavirus cases. Still, daily life is surprisingly unaffected.

Where Inmates Are Getting Bailed Out in the Coronavirus Crisis

Dozens of cities and counties are releasing inmates to lower the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak. But some notable ones are holding out.

Coronavirus Exposes How Bad America’s Homework Gap Really Is

With almost 44 million American kids out of school, teachers want to turn to online learning — but not everyone can log on.

No, Coronavirus Is Not ‘Just Killing Old People’

There are reasons why so many younger — and older — adults ignore public health warnings about Covid-19, says geriatrician Louise Aronson.

photo: A bus driver in Ohio wears a protective mask as a passenger boards on March 17.

Is Free Transit Safer? As Ridership Drops, Some Agencies Cut Fares.

In Ohio and elsewhere, buses are going fare-free as the Covid-19 crisis spreads. Here’s why that can make both riders and drivers safer.

When the World Stops Moving

Jarringly quiet highways and empty rail cars are signs of Covid-19’s profound economic and public health impacts. Perhaps leaders can also learn from them.

photo: EvergreenHealth Medical Center hospital in Kirkland, Washington

In Hospitals, Volunteers Are Needed, but No Longer Allowed

To reduce risk of coronavirus transmission, U.S. hospitals have halted most volunteer services, further straining staff resources at the worst possible time.

photo: A New York MTA worker cleans a handrail in a subway station.

What About the Workers Cleaning Up Coronavirus?

Janitors, domestic workers, housekeeping, and office cleaning crews are on the front lines of the battle against Covid-19. Can they protect their own health?

Why Coronavirus Is a Food Security Crisis, Too

Households that rely on food assistance can’t stock up during the coronavirus crisis. That’s why the U.S. created the P-SNAP program more than a decade ago.

What Cities Are Doing to Stall Evictions and Foreclosures

A movement to halt evictions amid the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading to more U.S. cities and states. Many are looking to stop utility shut-offs and foreclosures, too.

Why Norway Is Banning its Residents From Their Own Vacation Homes

Don’t let rural hospitals get overrun with Covid-19 cases just to enjoy your summer house, the government warns.

photo: 1900 Chinatown fire in Honolulu

The ‘Chinese Flu’ Is Part of a Long History of Racializing Disease

During a plague outbreak in 1899, officials in Honolulu quarantined and burned the city’s Chinatown. Some Covid-19 talk today echoes their rhetoric.

Readers: Tell Us Your Covid-19 Stories of Community Resilience

As the coronavirus disrupts every area of our lives, CityLab wants to know what your community is doing to cope.

photo: Parisians walk along the Seine on Sunday, one day after Paris closed cafes and restaurants.

Virus #Irresponsables Put France on Lockdown

After Parisians post pictures from the city’s parks, the government calls for a countrywide lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 infections.

photo: An empty theater marquee on March 13, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

When ‘Cancel Everything’ Means Disaster for the Arts

With audiences gone and performances canceled due to the coronavirus crisis, musicians, entertainers, artists and cultural workers face a grim economic outlook.

A rendering from the proposed Sunnyside Yard master plan.

The Many Megaprojects of Sunnyside Yard

Sunnyside Yard may soon host 12,000 homes on a 180-acre site over a working rail yard. But for decades, Queens dreamed of using this site for sports.

An African healthcare worker takes her time washing her hands due to a virus outbreak/.

Why You Should Stop Joking That Black People Are Immune to Coronavirus

There’s a fatal history behind the claim that African Americans are more resistant to diseases like Covid-19 or yellow fever.

photo: a very filthy punk club bathroom

These Coronavirus Immunity Jokes Are Love Letters to Home

Social media’s favorite Covid-19 meme is also an expression of strength, defiance and community affection in the face of a terrifying global pandemic.