Climate Change

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Built-Out Barcelona Makes Space for an Urban Forest

The city is planning a major green makeover to combat the heat island and create a more welcoming place for humans and animals alike.

CityLab/Laura Bliss

Disaster Prep, at the Nail Salon

A Long Island university’s efforts to reach Mandarin-speaking workers hit on the value of social resilience.

Paul Kingsbury/The Nature Conservancy

A Green Infrastructure Guidebook for City Planners

This new online resource showcases how communities across the country have successfully mitigated the effects of extreme weather by relying on green infrastructure.

Green Bloc

In Vancouver, a Climate Program That's All About the Neighbors

Community events and a little friendly competition simplify the enormous task of slashing ecological footprints.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

The Wisdom of Garbage

Researchers are digging into heaps of discarded food to uncover clues about why we throw so much of it away—and how cities can cut the waste.

Flickr/Marcin Wichary

Louisville's Faith-Based Plan to Fight Urban Heat

In the country’s fastest-warming urban heat island, places of worship are banding together to cool down.

Courtesy Terry Schwarz

Cleveland's Surprising Climate Buffers

In the Rust Belt, vacant urban land could be reused to help shield residents from the effects of a warming world.

ILC Dover

Can New York City Waterproof Its Subway?

Thanks to a $4 billion federal fix, MTA is testing out space-age flood barriers and “tunnel plugs.”

ASI Open Data

A Map That Reveals How Polluted London's Parks Really Are

Short answer: very.

Emily Parry

Amsterdam Road Tests a Pollution-Zapping Flower

The “supercharged” honeysuckle called the Green Junkie could be a part of the Dutch city’s scheme to rid its air of carbon emissions.


Vegetarian Cities Are Not the Worst Idea

A handful of local governments are encouraging meat cutbacks to curb climate change.

Mark Byrnes, Flickr/Jason Lawrence, Paul Sullivan, NYbuspics

How to Clean Up the Dirtiest Vehicles on the Road

Personal cars get most of the attention, but trucks and buses are long overdue for an efficiency upgrade.

REUTERS/Noah Berger

A Community-Minded Approach to Resilience in Berkeley

The Bay Area city hopes that strengthening neighborhood bonds will help the community bounce back from a disaster.

AP Photo/Francois Mori

The Climate Change Spending Gap

A study finds huge disparities in how global megacities are investing in order to adapt.

AP Photo/Thibault Camus

The Paris Climate Deal Can't Succeed Without Cities

Local leaders will guide policy change until the international agreement goes into effect in 2020.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

How Cities Became Heroes of the Environment

It wasn’t long ago that urban life was seen as antithetical to nature.

Davide Zanchettin / Flickr

Madrid's Bold New Pollution Plan: Ban Cars and Make Transit Free

The Spanish capital wants to impose some pretty drastic measures when air quality is especially bad.

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Confirmed: CicLAvia Means Better Air Quality for Angelenos

L.A.’s popular open-streets day reduces air pollution, even beyond the dedicated route.