Economic Development

Skyscrapers tower over Singapore's historic Chinatown.

How Do You Measure the Value of a Historic Site?

Debates over historic preservation often run into a problem: There’s plenty of data to support economic arguments, and much less to address questions of cultural value. A research team in Singapore wants to change that.

Can Detroiters Finally Get a Stake in the City's Real-Estate Boom?

A new program gives locals the skills to launch businesses and dictate how their city is expanding.

The 100-Year-Old Penalty for Being Black

Inherited racial disadvantage, more than poverty, explains why generations of African Americans have not reached economic parity with whites.

What Happens When a Poor City Raises Its Minimum Wage to $15?

Baltimore isn’t as economically healthy as Seattle or San Francisco. That can be an argument both for and against its new legislation.

Detroit construction

How To Get Detroit Back On Its Feet

The city needs to attract new residents and retain the ones who already live there. Luckily, it has a few options.

Using Algorithms To Predict Gentrification

Data analysts are trying to give community development advocates the tools they need to fight displacement and economic decline.

Diverse Metros Mean Higher Wages For All

A rise in the number and types of immigrant workers has benefits for high- and low-earning residents.

Giving Cities Room to Experiment and Innovate

The latest round of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams program encourages cities to find solutions based on data analysis and a human-centered approach.

The Danish Food Park That Wants to Nourish the World

An agricultural park outside the city of Aarhus is a proving ground for the future of food innovation and urban farming.

What Shopping Local Really Means for Cities

The authors of Global Cities, Local Streets make a case for preserving small-scale retail.

Illuminating Blight in Upstate New York

A temporary art installation in the three Capital Region cities calls for a solution to vacancy and abandonment.

L.A.'s Boost to Small Businesses

A new online portal will guide entrepreneurs through layers of bureaucratic red tape.

K-Pop Makes the Scene in Seoul

The South Korean capital is developing a neglected area of the city to tout its famous music genre.

It's Time for Oakland to Start Building

The East Bay hub is poised for an economic boom, but the city needs to overcome a deep-seated resistance to growth. 

Nashville's Fight for Music Row

With rampant development threatening the historic district, Music City is stepping up with a plan to preserve it.

The Netherlands Wants to Solve Its Middle-Class Housing Crisis With Smaller Apartments

But cities like Amsterdam are responding: What middle-class housing crisis?

How Copenhagen Paused Its Waterfront Redevelopment

The city's five-year period of encouraging "creative" businesses helped Paper Island thrive, but what happens now?

How to Build Urban Tech Centers Without Encouraging Inequality

Train the local community to work in the industry, for one thing.

A Novel Idea for Regulating Airbnb

A "renters rights" exchange could spread costs and benefits more evenly across city neighborhoods.

Many Paris Landlords Are Ignoring New Rent-Control Laws

Rents across the city are going down, but not everyone is complying.