Economic Development

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What Happens When a Poor City Raises Its Minimum Wage to $15?

Baltimore isn’t as economically healthy as Seattle or San Francisco. That can be an argument both for and against its new legislation.

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How To Get Detroit Back On Its Feet

The city needs to attract new residents and retain the ones who already live there. Luckily, it has a few options.

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Using Algorithms To Predict Gentrification

Data analysts are trying to give community development advocates the tools they need to fight displacement and economic decline.

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Diverse Metros Mean Higher Wages For All

A rise in the number and types of immigrant workers has benefits for high- and low-earning residents.

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Giving Cities Room to Experiment and Innovate

The latest round of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams program encourages cities to find solutions based on data analysis and a human-centered approach.

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The Danish Food Park That Wants to Nourish the World

An agricultural park outside the city of Aarhus is a proving ground for the future of food innovation and urban farming.

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What Shopping Local Really Means for Cities

The authors of Global Cities, Local Streets make a case for preserving small-scale retail.

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Illuminating Blight in Upstate New York

A temporary art installation in the three Capital Region cities calls for a solution to vacancy and abandonment.

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L.A.'s Boost to Small Businesses

A new online portal will guide entrepreneurs through layers of bureaucratic red tape.

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K-Pop Makes the Scene in Seoul

The South Korean capital is developing a neglected area of the city to tout its famous music genre.

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It's Time for Oakland to Start Building

The East Bay hub is poised for an economic boom, but the city needs to overcome a deep-seated resistance to growth. 

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Nashville's Fight for Music Row

With rampant development threatening the historic district, Music City is stepping up with a plan to preserve it.


The Netherlands Wants to Solve Its Middle-Class Housing Crisis With Smaller Apartments

But cities like Amsterdam are responding: What middle-class housing crisis?

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How Copenhagen Paused Its Waterfront Redevelopment

The city's five-year period of encouraging "creative" businesses helped Paper Island thrive, but what happens now?

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How to Build Urban Tech Centers Without Encouraging Inequality

Train the local community to work in the industry, for one thing.

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A Novel Idea for Regulating Airbnb

A "renters rights" exchange could spread costs and benefits more evenly across city neighborhoods.

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Many Paris Landlords Are Ignoring New Rent-Control Laws

Rents across the city are going down, but not everyone is complying.

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A 'Night Mayor' Is Transforming Amsterdam After Dark

The Dutch capital’s concept is already spreading to other major cities.