Energy Use

Small sensors atop a fleet of garbage trucks in a garage in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge's Fleet of Smart Garbage Trucks Is Here to Sniff Out Problems

A collaboration between the city and MIT’s Senseable City Lab, these sensor-equipped vehicles can detect gas leaks, potholes, and other urban hurdles across their paths.

Google's Street View cars are sniffing out methane leaks.

Google Street View Is Helping Scientists Spot Methane Leaks

In a new collaboration, the tech giant is sniffing out emissions in a handful of American cities.

Stockholm's Ingenious Plan to Recycle Yard Waste

Discarded Christmas trees will be transformed into plant food, biofuel, and carbon sinks—but that’s just the beginning.

New York City Cracks Down On Steam Heating

Upgrading cranky, ancient systems could be one of the largest single opportunities to cut building emissions.

Why Amsterdam Is Giving Up on Natural Gas

The city plans to wean its homes off domestic natural gas by 2050, starting now.

To Beat City Heat, Use an 'Ice Battery'

Can thermal storage break the urban air-conditioning feedback loop?

To Storm-Proof Hoboken, a Microgrid

After devastating flooding in 2012, the New Jersey city is racing to develop its own backup power supply.

The 3 Biggest Lessons of Denmark's Clean-Energy Movement

City leaders across the globe would do well to pay attention.

London's Plan for a Proper Air Pollution Warning System

Electronic displays, texts, and social media blitzes will all feature.

To Save Big on Energy, Heat People, Not Air

Temperature control in the workplace is about to get way more personal.

Designing a Home That Can Withstand a Hurricane

“Sure House,” designed by the Stevens Institute of Technology, just won the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

Copenhagen's 'Smart' New Street Lamps Shine Brighter for Cyclists

The environmentally friendly lights can also dim at times to save energy.

How a Manmade Tidal Lagoon Could Change the Future of Clean Energy

The planned Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon in the U.K. is poised to become one of the most innovative power plants ever constructed.

What Other Cities Can Learn From the Failure of London's Low Emission Zone

A big part of the answer appears to be diesel fuel.

How Washington State Convinced Big Companies to Dramatically Reduce Drive-Alone Commutes

The state's Commute Trip Reduction program is a model for the nation.

Let's Talk About Zoo Poop

How some urban zoos are turning brown into green, in more ways than one.

What if the Rest of the World Used as Much Air Conditioning as Americans?

U.S. households use more energy for A/C than the rest of the world combined. But that's changing, fast.

Europe's Emerging Consensus on Low-Emissions Zones

Critics of London Mayor Boris Johnson's ambitious air pollution plan may be missing the bigger picture.

Can Solar Panels and Historic Preservation Get Along?

Ideas for rules that balance a building’s historic character with the need for green energy.

Greening Traffic Lights By Turning Them Off

If sign-less intersections reduce collisions, they almost certainly also consume less energy.