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Museum visitors standing in a padded gallery wearing big headphones and closing their eyes

The Art of Noise

A new exhibition highlights the curious potential of sounds that are tempting to ignore.

A man soaking in a hot tub made from a giant pothole on a street, surrounded by dirt and construction tape

How to Get the City to Notice Your Damn Pothole

A citizen’s guide to wacky schemes, from impromptu hot tubs to “birthday parties.”

Amirah Mitchell, 14, harvests beets on a suburban Boston farm.

Envisioning Nature-Rich Cities

Author Richard Louv invites us to imagine a future filled with urban parks, greenery, and gardens.

Food court workers sift out scraps at a mall.

Does It Matter What We Do?

A new podcast and documentary take stock of individual choices against the backdrop of immense, looming threats.

A package moves along a conveyer belt at Amazon's fulfillment center in DuPont, Washington.

Amazon Makes Its Pitch to Low-Income Shoppers

The retail giant is slashing membership fees for families on federal welfare.

Carts of books in an alley outside of Brattle Book Shop, in Boston.

The Ultimate Road Trip for History-Buff Bibliophiles

These eight bookshops are the some of the best places to get your nerd on.

A man cycling past chat boxes, wi-fi symbols, and email envelopes

The Case for the Disconnected Commute

The best thing about biking to work has nothing to do with exercise, the environment, or saving money. It’s all about the chance to unplug.

People apply sunscreen while sitting on the steps next to the Astoria Park Pool in New York.

More Cities Are Doubling Down on Free Sunscreen

A public health campaign is partnering with local officials to bring down skin cancer rates by installing dispensers around public pools and beaches.

A bike missing its front wheel lies in a rack at Oakland's Fruitvale BART station.

How to Thief-Proof Your Bike

Bay Area bike pros explain how to save your ride from being picked apart like a free Thanksgiving turkey.

An illustration of cars and bicycles on a street grid

The Definitive Rules of the Road for Urban Cyclists

We spoke with a riding instructor for advice on how to navigate the city streets with confidence.

Seaside's take-out offerings include this stuffed lobster roll on a metal tray

Your Favorite Delivery Options May All Come From a Shared Stove

In the age of on-demand food, is a restaurant more than a brand?

Leafy greens grow in one of the MIT Media Lab's contraptions

Why High-Tech Urban Farms Won't Displace Community Gardens

To serve neighborhoods, they need to work together.

A crowd gathers to take pictures of the Fearless Girl statue across from Charging Bull in Manhattan's Financial District

Where's the Boundary Between Public Art and Advertising?

Experts in both fields weigh in on how the Fearless Girl statue illustrates—and collapses—the distinctions.

A still from the '90s series 'Twin Peaks'

We're Moving to These Fictional Cities

CityLab is shopping for real estate in made-up places.

Against Little Free Libraries

Does that birdhouse filled with paperbacks on your block represent an adorable neighborhood amenity or the “corporatization of literary philanthropy”?

A woman sits inside her apartment in Phnom Penh's White Building

The Artists Fighting Displacement in Phnom Penh

Generations have lived and worked in the White Building in Cambodia’s capital. Now, they’re looking for a way to stem the tide of redevelopment that would push them out.

A run-down fence opens onto the backs of several row houses.

Poems That Show How Gentrification Is Personal

To close out National Poetry Month, we rounded up poems that translate gentrification and the housing crisis into personal terms.

A photograph of a clunky, rusted wall-mounted surveillance camera

How to Disappear

Is it possible to move through a smart city undetected?

Riders on the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island

The Rituals of Coney Island's Opening Day

For locals, the urban amusement park season starts months before summer’s peak.

The Anatomy of a Great Dog Park

Let one of America’s foremost designers of hound spaces lay out what works (and doesn’t).