President Donald Trump speaking at his press conference at Trump Tower.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Only Has One 'Side'

Trump’s obsession with building big things fast doesn’t seem unrelated to his defense of white supremacists.

Vienna Makes Peace With Its Trash

The famously clean Austrian city boasts one of the world’s most innovative waste processing systems.

Akron's Innerbelt Highway divided the city for decades. Now a pop-up park promises reconnection.

In Shrinking Akron, a Dead Highway Becomes a Forest

The six-lane Innerbelt connector obliterated downtown Akron in the 1970s. Next summer, it’s going to be covered in trees.

Australia's Tantalizing Lessons on Privatizing Infrastructure

The White House is interested in modeling Australia’s approach to national infrastructure. Here’s how they do it Down Under.

New York City's pedestrian safety improvement projects have reduced fatalities.

New York City Seeks the 'Holy Grail' of Street Design

Why do some intersections have such high pedestrian injury rates? It’s not all about the number of cars.

The Food Bank of the Future Could Be in a Post Office

A new proposal hopes to repurpose USPS infrastructure to help fight food insecurity in L.A.

Madrid Will Ban Cars From Its Main Street

Gran Vía should be car-free within three years.

A Chat With the Mayor of Roundabout City, USA

Why is Carmel, Indiana, planning to build as many as 40 more roundabouts on top of its existing 102?

Why Did Bus Rapid Transit Go Bust in Delhi?

It’s supposed to be a more affordable and flexible way to move people around. But in one of the world’s largest and most congested cities, BRT just made everything worse.

Sprawl Will Cost India $1.8 Trillion Per Year by 2050

But investing in smart growth policies now can have huge economic returns, a new working paper says.

Traffic in London Is Still Out of Control. Now What?

The U.K. capital was a global leader in taming congestion 13 years ago. But the traffic has come back, with a vengeance.

A Vision for a Chicago Unified by Rivers

As the 15-year Chicago Riverwalk project draws to a close, the city hopes to use its waterways to bridge neighborhoods.

The British Town That Will Run Almost Entirely on Food Waste

By spring 2017, the town of Keynsham could get up to 80 percent of its electricity from food waste alone

London's Bold New Plans to Cross The River Thames

Three new eastern crossings are promised—for trains, bikes, and cars. Guess which one is controversial.

Can the Paris Gondola Succeed Where London's Failed?

France has a grand plan for remaking urban transit, and it’s full of aerial cable cars.

Paris Really Is Going to Transform the Seine

A long-discussed plan to permanently ban cars from the river’s quayside gained approval Monday, after a tough debate.

Miami Beach Is Done With Saying 'No'

“Let’s direct people to what they can do, instead of can’t,” says one city commissioner.  

Should the Federal Government Be Funding Private Sports Stadiums?

A new report says there's a better use for $3.7 billion.

Americans Really Want More Infrastructure Spending

A big majority of voters support it, according to a new survey. So why aren’t they getting it?