Mass Transit

Courtesy of MARTA Army

How Atlanta Citizens Are Giving Thanks to Transit Workers

Grassroots MARTA boosters are shining appreciation on the folks who keep the system running.

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In France, a Fix for the Urban Gondola's Privacy Problem

No more aerial transit riders staring through your bathroom window.

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Experimenting with Public Transportation in Muscat

In a car-centric culture, the Omani capital makes moves to encourage more people to try transit.

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Why Boston's Late-Night Service Cuts Could Be a Civil Rights Violation

The complicated transit controversy asks whether changes disproportionately affect poor and minority riders.

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A Finnish City Is Giving Drivers Free Fares to Take the Bus

Another bright idea from one of the world’s most innovative countries for public transit.

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BART Will Pay Commuters Not to Travel During Rush Hour

The agency’s new “perks” program hopes to reduce crowded trains by getting riders to leave for work earlier or later than usual.

Kansas City Area Transit Authority

Kansas City Is Embarking on a Great Microtransit Experiment

The city’s partnership with Bridj will show the world what happens when ride-hailing really meets public transit.

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Milan's Quick Fix for Bad Smog: Cheap Public Transportation

During its current stretch of terrible pollution, a single fare gets you a full day of unlimited travel.

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How Panasonic Turned Car Commuters Into Transit Riders

It moved downtown and charged employees market rates for parking, among other things.

LA Metro / The Source

Where L.A. Is Losing Parking Lots to Transit Development

Plenty still exist. But new Metro stations have marked the end of others.

LA Metro

Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed

There are plenty of other benefits that have nothing to do with drivers.

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Coming Soon to America: One Fare Card for All Transit

It’s working in other parts of the world, so what’s the holdup in the U.S.?

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Turning Suburban Tysons Into a Walkable City Will Take Time

A year into the Silver Line era there have been some failings, but that doesn’t make the great planning experiment a failure.

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Uber and Public Transit Are Trying to Get Along

Emerging partnerships hold promise for reducing car-reliance, but they raise questions about who’s winning out in the deal.

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San Francisco's Humble Request to Luxury Developers: Pitch in for Public Transit

A new impact fee asks residential towers to pay their fair share.

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Indy (Gently) Nudges Developers Away From Parking, Toward Transit

The Indy Rezone plan gives breaks to buildings that provide bike, car-share, or bus access.

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Why Tap-and-Go Transit Fares Are Kind of a Big Deal

Lower costs, ridership barriers, and passenger congestion are among the possible benefits.

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Los Angeles Eyes a More Frequent Bus Network for No New Cost

The tradeoffs would include more crowded buses and some service cuts.