Why the Future Looks Like Pittsburgh

The city’s rise as a global innovation city reflects decades of investment in emerging technology, a new Brookings report says.

There's Nothing New About Fighting Over Monuments

How a preservationist looks at Baltimore’s ongoing battle over its public memorials.

How to Save a Dying Suburb

For older, inner-ring suburbs in the Northeast and Midwest, the best hope often lies in merging with the city.

High-Paying Jobs Alone Won't Save Big Cities

If cities are going to sell the farm to Amazon, then the proceeds better benefit the entire community, especially those who can easily be left behind.

City Buyer Beware: Not Even Amazon Is a Sure Bet

It’s rosy at best to presume that the next 20 years will be as kind to Amazon as the last 20. Local taxpayers shouldn’t bear the risk of the corporation’s financial future.

Attendees at a new product announcement event at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California.

What Silicon Valley Doesn't Get About People

Poor planning didn’t just aggravate the area’s housing problem: It helped create the Valley’s growing empathy gap.

Amazon Seattle headquarters expansion

Amazon's HQ2 and the Rise of Big-Ticket Megadeals

Tax-break auctions for Foxconn, Apple, and now Amazon’s HQ2. The number of deals with cities and states valued at $50 million or above is growing.

Houston's Zoning Wasn't the Problem

With a few tweaks, the city’s relaxed land-use regulations might be an advantage during recovery and rebuilding.

Evacuees wade down a flooded section of Interstate 610 as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in Houston.

The Dutch Understand Flooding. Why Can't America Manage It?

More than a decade after Katrina pummeled New Orleans, Harvey has swamped Houston and highlighted the basic flaws in America’s approach to an imminent deluge.

KKK members in Charlottesville, VA.

How Mayors Can Fight Hate

In absence of leadership from the White House, says the director of the Anti-Defamation League, cities need to step up.

In Gettysburg, the Confederacy Won

Some of the monuments in this small Pennsylvania town aren’t telling the truth about the battle that was fought here.

Workers in downtown London head to their jobs.

How Cities Can Rebuild the Social Safety Net

In an age of employment uncertainty and a growing income gap, urban America needs to find new ways to support its citizens.

The Presidio Terrace neighborhood

The Problem of Progressive Cities and the Property Tax

The news that a posh San Francisco street was sold for delinquent taxes exposes the deeper issue with America’s local revenue system.

Grenfell Was No Ordinary Accident

The catastrophic fire that killed at least 80 in London was the inevitable byproduct of an ideology that vilified the poor.

The Positive Power of Preemption

Sometimes, state lawmakers can step in to force cities to do the right thing.

To Attract Riders, Call Transit ‘Congestion Free’

Why emphasizing frequency, speed, and reliability in all conditions is so critical.

The Untapped Wealth of American Cities

Compared to counterparts overseas, cities in the U.S. are terrible at managing their public assets, a new book argues.

The Next Big Challenge for Small Downtowns

America’s smaller cities are winning people back with an explosion of new residential and entertainment options. Now they need to get serious about private sector job growth—and tech isn’t the silver bullet.

A Lawyer’s Playbook to Fight State Preemption

How can blue cities fight back against red states? Here are four lines of defense.  

How Low Did He Go?

The story: Robert Moses ordered engineers to build the Southern State Parkway’s bridges extra-low, to prevent poor people in buses from using the highway. The truth? It’s a little more complex.