The Invisible Network That Makes Cities Work

Despite fears of declining social capital and lack of faith in civic institutions, the “new trust economy” is thriving in urban areas.


Cities Can't Fix the New Urban Crisis

Not on their own, at least. To address the ever-more-complex problems afflicting cities, we’ll need a regional approach.

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Maybe Government Data Shouldn’t Always Be Free

What do cities owe their taxpayers when businesses use their data?

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America Needs a 'Metropolitan Party'

The way back to political sanity runs though the cities—so it’s time for a national political party focused entirely on urban areas.


Who Owns Transit Data?

Most U.S. cities share their transit information freely, which helps trip-planning services and boosts ridership. But most German cities don’t. Should they?

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We Will Pay High School Students To Go To School. And We Will Like It.

To solve high school truancy, don’t suspend kids; compensate them.  

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Notes From a Firebombing

A deadly arson in Baltimore raises a difficult question: Why can’t cities both house the poor and keep them safe?

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666 Fifth Avenue Is the Perfect Symbol for the Trump Era

From its shady financing to its spectacular design, Zaha Hadid's 666 Fifth Avenue captures the Trumpian moment.

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What Data-Driven Mayors Don't Get

In an age of growing alienation from civic institutions, the technocrats running many American cities don’t understand what old-style political machines once delivered.

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For Cities of the Future, Three Paths to Power

In an era of geopolitical turbulence, urban leaders will have to demand representation at international institutions—or take more radical action.


The Mean Tweets of New York

Tracking gang conflicts on social media is controversial, but it can help community members and law enforcement get ahead of shootings—without arrest and incarceration.

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Red State/Blue City Isn't the Whole Story

Today’s reality begs for a more comprehensive understanding of the relations between states and localities.

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The Smartest Cities Are Compassionate Cities

The case for a new core operating tenet for local governments.