A selection of Glock pistols for sale in Parker, Colorado.

Why Won't the Government Let Me Study Gun Violence?

Since 1996, the CDC’s efforts to study gun-related injuries and deaths have systematically undermined by a federal law.  

Cars sit in a traffic jam while cyclists ride by in Central London.

London's Congestion Charge Is Showing Its Age

After 15 years of existence, London’s method of congestion charging is dated. It needs to be bigger, longer, and greedier.

Sacramento demonstrators protest the police shooting of Stephon Clark, on March 31, 2018

Police Shootings Are Also Gun Violence

Emphasizing policing as the primary means of addressing shootings will only lead to more deadly confrontations between officers and the citizens they’re sworn to protect.

Behind the Veneer of 'I Am Memphis'

Like any good southern hosts, Memphis is polishing its image for the crowd that is about to descend to remember MLK. Here’s the ugly reality we should acknowledge.

A home in Los Altos, Calif., one of the country's most expensive neighborhoods.

California's Housing Prices Need to Come Down

Shifting control of housing decisions from local to state oversight could be a way to slow the rise of California’s house prices. A newly proposed bill, SB 827, is a step in that direction.

Majora Carter speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference in 2010

What Counts as 'Real' City Planning?

The traditional canon of urban planning excludes people and practices that could greatly benefit it—and society. That needs to change.

You Want Congestion Pricing? Be Specific.

It’s every wonk’s favorite traffic-relief prescription. But getting road fees right is really complicated.

 A supporter of Hillary Clinton attempting to block a Donald Trump supporter in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Red Counties + Blue Folks = Purple? Reading the New Census Data

The newly released Census data shows that people are moving with greater frequency from Clinton-voting counties to Trump-voting counties than the other way around, but the Republican party shouldn’t be so quick to celebrate.

The Gateway Project Doesn't Need Trump's Approval

The $30 billion rail tunnel project may be a victim of President Trump’s feud with Democrats. But New York and New Jersey could still save it.

Photographing Newark's 'Four Corners'

Change may be on the horizon for the city’s unofficial town square, but it is not yet apparent on its streets.

A self-driving Volvo SUV in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has halted testing of its autonomous vehicle program in the wake of a fatal crash on Sunday.

How the Self-Driving Dream Might Become a Nightmare

What will happen if we just accept that a certain number of pedestrian deaths are an inevitable part of adopting autonomous vehicles?

The Right Way to Regulate Algorithms

They’re intended to make decision-making more objective. But data-based tools will have the opposite effect if they aren’t subject to public scrutiny.

Protestors in Rio de Janeiro hold a picture of slain politician Marielle Franco, and a sign reading, 'Black lives are important' in Portuguese.

Military Rule in Rio's Favelas: What Marielle Franco Died Fighting

Following the beloved politician’s murder, residents of Brazil’s favelas have taken to the streets for days to protest her death and the danger faced by favela residents living under military control.

New housing under construction along the Detroit riverfront in 2015.

The Trump Administration’s War on New Housing

Americans need more affordable housing. Steel and lumber tariffs are not going to help.

Detroit's skyline

Silicon Valley Has Noticed the Heartland. What Now?

Venture capitalists went on a Midwest tour recently that was described by The New York Times as a “Rust Belt safari.” Lost in the discussion were the actual Midwestern entrepreneurs.

Let the Mayors Lead

As local politicians attempt to keep government from grinding to a halt, they need the support of an involved citizenry.

Students work on their laptops in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Are Cyber Elementary Schools Coming to New York?

While these schools may be cheaper to run, they haven’t demonstrated a record of success.

Senator Cory Booker (right) and then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during an announcement in Newark in October. Before leaving office, Christie signed off on $7 billion in tax breaks to Amazon in an effort to lure the company's second headquarters.

HQ2 Cities: There's a Better Way to Do Economic Development

If you want economic growth and jobs, stop throwing incentives at Amazon and invest in businesses that are already there.

A teacher grabs a rubber training gun

Why I Won't Bring My Gun Into My Classroom

Educating can’t happen if the educators are armed. Here’s why.

What It Would Actually Take to Fund Infrastructure

Commentators have broadly agreed Trump’s infrastructure proposal is not nearly enough. Here’s a blueprint for how to do better.