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How Japan Saves Lives With Driver Decals

In the U.S., only New Jersey mandates this practice.

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California's Street Trees Are Worth About $1 Billion

If the state has a better grasp on the dividends it reaps from trees, it might support investing in them.

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Amsterdam Is Appointing a Bike Mayor

The semi-official post is the first of its kind in the world.

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Redesigning the Iconic Thoroughfare at the Heart of Little Havana

Will Calle Ocho become a “complete street”? Or remain a highway?

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The Simplest Way to Avoid Bad Street Design: Copy the Ones That Work

Models matter. Let’s design more streets like the streets we already love.

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Meet the Women Behind India's 3D 'Zebra' Crossings

A mother-daughter artist duo has designed a simple but potentially effective solution to a major road safety problem.

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Trader Joe's Crowded Parking Lots Are a Blessing, Not a Curse

"It’s the American expectation that’s creating the problem," says parking guru Donald Shoup.

London Cycling campaign

How Cycling Is Becoming More Equitable in London

A friendly approach and word-of-mouth are key to the Urban Cycle Loan program’s success.

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Barcelona Is Targeting Billboards It Sees as 'Pollution'

The new rule is part of a wider city pushback against perceived commercial exploitation.

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Some Bike Infrastructure Is Worse Than None at All

It’s time to put the sharrow to rest.

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São Paulo Offers the Best Plan Yet for Dealing With Uber

Call it congestion pricing for taxi cabs.

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You Can't Achieve Vision Zero If Pedestrians Don't Come First

A friendly reminder to Washington, D.C.

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Madrid's Bike Network Will Get a Major Expansion in 2016

The €40 million initiative is the city’s latest effort to reduce its heavy pollution.

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Stockholm's 'Reverse' Congestion Charge Would Pay Cyclists With Driving Fees

Under a new plan, money collected from the city’s high-traffic zones would go toward bike upgrades.


Will This New Type of Crossing Signal Keep Pedestrians Safe?

The “yellow pedestrian border” is an intriguing fix—if not the ideal design solution.

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Why Aren’t Urban Planners Ready for Driverless Cars?

“We don’t know what the hell to do about it,” says one planner. “It’s like pondering the imponderable.”

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The Remaking of Martin Luther King Streets

They’ve been languishing for a long time but are finally becoming sites of urban intervention.


An Anonymous Group Is Fixing Bike Lanes Where New York Isn't

The “Transformation Department” has challenged the city’s commitment to cyclists.