8th graders at Emiliano Zapata Academy pen down letters to kids at Amundsen High School.

Student Pen-Pals Anthologize Their Lives in a Divided Chicago

Collected in a new book, a series of dispatches between Chicago teens spotlights conversations that look beyond their differences.

Bradford Young gestures

Bradford Young Trains His Lens on Pittsburgh's Hill District

Hollywood’s new wunderkind cinematographer took time out of his schedule filming Arrival and Star Wars to visit and interpret the photography of Pittsburgh’s legendary Charles “Teenie” Harris.

A kid stands among shelves full of chips, cereal, and bread, all made out of felt.

The World's Most Charming, Useless Bodega

In an uneasy critique of independent stores’ vanishing footprint, this art installation sells toilet paper, tins of fish, and tubs of ice cream, all made out of felt.

The team waits in the locker room before a match.

Meet the Migrant Workers Building Qatar's World Cup Stadiums

A new film follows the men playing in a soccer match comprised of laborers constructing buildings for the 2022 tournament.

Ivan Fransuzov, the postman of Great Dervent, stamps papers in an office.

Can Refugees Bring This Bulgarian Town Back From the Brink?

A new documentary, The Good Postman, dives into local electoral politics and reflects back a much larger, more global dialogue around the refugee crisis.

In this black-and-white photograph, men appear to smoke opium on top of couches and benches.

Opium Dens Are a Terrible Theme for Bars

The anti-immigrant history behind these spaces should make you reconsider casting the stereotypical drug den as the inspiration for a lounge.

A kid rides a bike through a fountain

How to Build a Better Kids' Bike

Isla Rowntree started a company to give children the best ride possible. Now she’s working to make the bikes sustainable.

Documenting the Charismatic Streets of Post-War New York

An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York revisits Todd Webb’s fond lens on Manhattan.

Frank Wong with one of his dioramas of Chinatown

Bringing 1940s Chinatown Back to Life in Miniature

Frank Wong’s memories of San Francisco are fading, so to preserve them, the 82-year-old artist recreates them in three dimensions.

Host Kevin McCloud, right, with Rob Hodgson and Kay Ralph at their cliffside house in Wales

The Show That Fuses Architectural Critique With Real-Estate Porn

Smarter than HGTV and livelier than PBS, the British program ‘Grand Designs’ celebrates architectural problem-solving.

The One Potential Problem With Fantastic Playgrounds

Do stunning structures leave enough room for kids' imaginations?

A black-and-white illustration of a shore, hill, forests, and clouds lets users concentrate on the sounds

Here's What Manhattan Sounded Like in 1609

A new virtual reality project reconstructs the city’s historic soundscape.

People eat their lunch at a street food shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok's Street Vendors Are Not the Enemies of Public Space

Yet the Thai government has long been on a mission to “clean up” the streets and “return the pavements to the pedestrians.”

The Get Down Brothers perform in a still from the new batch of episodes in the Netflix series 'The Get Down'

Why Can't 'The Get Down' Find Its Groove?

The series has great material to work with. So why is the story about hip-hop’s origins falling flat?

An Alice Neel painting depicts a woman in Harlem

How Alice Neel Painted Harlem

The artist’s portraits of neighbors, icons, and strangers show a keen and democratic attention to detail.

A constructed fence featuring a range of paintings and art

Can a Walled-Off Museum Actually Make Art More Accessible?

While the Philadelphia Museum of Art undergoes some serious construction, a design firm has come up with a beautifully clever solution to hide it: a 450-foot wall decorated with replicated works.

Dice and game pieces from Settlers of Catan, one of the games on offer at our upcoming HappyHourLab event at The Uncommons

NYC Readers! Come Play With Us at Our Next HappyHourLab

We’ll be building worlds at a board-game cafe.

In this image from "No Small Plans," a character makes his way to the intersection of State and Madison Streets in 1928 Chicago.

Drawing Up an Urban Planning Manual for Chicago Teens

The graphic novel No Small Plans aims to empower the city’s youth through stories about their neighborhoods.

In a promotion for the podcast "S-Town," a man stands in the woods.

This Podcast Bridges the Rural/Urban Empathy Divide

The much-hyped series S-Town evolves from murder mystery and small-town tourism into timely, humanistic biography.

Dallas, According to an '80s Rock Band From France

[Extremely French voice] “Dallas.”