An illustration of rats is pictured.

Will Cities Ever Outsmart Rats?

The age-old strategy is “see a rat, kill a rat.” The new plan is to end an infestation before it ever begins.

The Wild Comeback Of New York's Legendary Landfill

At Freshkills Park, where the city dumped 150 million tons of its garbage, human desires and nature’s needs are feeling their way to a new harmony.

Free Shopping Bags Have Already Cost the Poor Too Much

New York’s new five-cent fee is exactly what low-income communities need to lighten the waste burdens they live with daily.

Tracing Drug Use Patterns Through Nightclub Toilets

Scientists are using, well, pee and poop to get a more accurate picture of drug use in your city.

Hamburg Says 'Nein' to Coffee Pods

The German city is believed to be the first in the world to ban the pods on environmental grounds.

The Toilet of Tomorrow Will Do More Than Flush Waste

It will help modernize old or inadequate city sewage systems that harm public health—especially in developing countries.

Brazil's Garbage Pickers Get a Funky Makeover for Their Carts

An important step toward visibility for some of Brazil’s most important—but unappreciated—workers.

A Microbial Map of the City

Urban sewers are rich repositories of information on human health and behavior, MIT researchers believe.

London’s Colorful Battle Against Gum-Covered Sidewalks

Another skirmish in the war against those gross, black splotches.

Finding Money in Copenhagen's Trash Cans

A Danish program makes bottle collecting easier—and less dangerous—for the city’s marginalized residents.

Every City Needs Vancouver's Ban on Food Scraps

To kick off 2015, Vancouver has resolved to eliminate food products from its waste stream entirely.

What's Behind the Backlash to Houston's 'One Bin for All' Program

The city is forging ahead with an unprecedented single-bin combined waste collection and recycling plan. But it may want to reconsider ditching tried-and-true methods.

Just a Bit of a Stretch: How Louisville Cut Garbage Collector Injuries in Half

Bend over, touch your toes, miss fewer days of work. 

Overcoming the 'Ick' Factor in Urban Composting

Simplifying both the message and the process has worked wonders for San Francisco.

The Developing World's Most Innovative City for Trash Management Is ... Bangalore?

The Indian city is setting itself up as a model for how struggling cities can better handle waste disposal.

The Math Behind Sacking Disposable Bags

How a variety of policies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of shopping bags are working