Wyatt Cenac Is Here to Solve Your Policing Problems

In his new HBO series “Problem Areas,” comedian-actor Wyatt Cenac takes a crack at solving police racism.

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Also: The jobs getting priced out of superstar cities, and America’s fastest-growing metro region has a water problem.

A bus stop in the Estonian town of Värska

Estonia Will Roll Out Free Public Transit Nationwide

Meet the new world leader in fare-free living.

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Also: Awful commuting unites us all, and the playful brilliance of Will Alsop.

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Also: What’s really behind economic mobility, and the problem with opportunity zones.

A train arrives at Paris' Arts et Metiers metro Station.

Paris Gets Serious About Free Transit

The city is launching a study to explore the possibility of going fully fare-free.  

Metro trains arrive at the Gallery Place-Chinatown station in Washington D.C.

D.C. Metro's New App May Need a Pre-Launch Update

Washington D.C. transit officials announced plans to update the payment system for rail and bus with a great new app. But if they don’t go further, this writer says, the speed of transit innovation will soon leave them scrambling.

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Also: Why do so many young adults live with their parents? And the problem with the cool city.

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Also today: Boston wants people to build tiny houses in their yards, and Chicago’s South Side gets dockless bikeshare.

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Also today: What affordable housing already looks like, and inside the secret cities that created the atomic bomb.

Children receiving polio drops in Aprll during an anti-polio campaign in Karachi, Pakistan.

Like People, Diseases Travel Fast These Days

Since the 1918 flu pandemic that wiped out about five percent of the world’s population there have been strides toward eradicating most communicable diseases, yet the vulnerability of certain parts of the world affects everyone. This, the writers say, must be addressed.

CityLab Daily: The Hypocrisy of Amazon

Also: Should Cynthia Nixon apologize? And five breakthroughs that could make you love the bus.

In Oct. 2017, women filled bottles with water in Zagora, Morocco during a water shortage.  Experts blamed the shortage on growing populations, climate change and agricultural choices.

What If People Were Paid to Use Less Water?

Pilot programs in Morocco and California are rewarding people financially for conserving water, rather than charging them for excessive consumption.

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Also: How to kill a bike lane, and college grads drive up urban rents.

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Also: China’s electric bus revolution, and a big-box store becomes a high school.

The Chinese city of Shenzhen's 16,000-strong bus fleet is now battery powered.

How China Took Charge of the Electric Bus Revolution

In just eight years, Shenzhen became the first city to electrify 100 percent of its public buses—16,359, to be exact.

A jogger runs in front of the Phillips 66 refinery in the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The Kids Trying to Green One of L.A.'s Most Polluted Neighborhoods

For generations, oil refineries brought jobs—and pollution—to the residents of Wilmington. Can a new generation of youthful activists make it a healthier place to grow up?

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