CityLab Daily: The Spending Bill's Biggest Winners Are Housing and Transit

Also: Why is Brooklyn shrinking, and what’s so tough about congestion pricing?

CityLab Daily: Red Counties + Blue Folks = Purple?

Also: Transparency for Florida’s justice system, and land conservancies enter the city.

Abandoned homes in East Cleveland, where a land conservancy has been working to acquire vacant properties.

Land Conservancies Enter Unfamiliar Territory: the City

Some eco-minded groups that traditionally focus on rural conservation are turning their attention to urban areas, in an effort to combat inequality and sprawl.

CityLab Daily: Stuck at the Gateway

Also: How the self-driving dream might become a nightmare, and the people who pretend to be wolves.

CityLab Daily: Fatal Uber Crash Raises Red Flags About Self-Driving Safety

Also: The unhappy states of America, and how school choice affects gentrification.

In a Historic Downtown, Disaster Becomes a Chance to Build Something Better

A 2014 fire in Clarkesville, Georgia, was “the worst nightmare for someone who’s in downtown development.” But the recovery launched an essential conversation about what the town square should be.

CityLab Daily: The Seductive Power of a Suburban Utopia

Also: Mapping America’s loneliest roads, and climate change won’t make people nicer.

CityLab Daily: The Ragtag Resistance to Amazon HQ2

Also: The latest on Miami’s bridge collapse, and why scooter-sharing could actually be a big deal.

CityLab Daily: A Movement That Spread Across the City

Also: Loving and fearing Amazon Go, and the selfishness of mapping apps.

CityLab Daily: Mapping America's Enormous Affordability Gap

Also: The case against arming teachers, and the unhelpful ways cities talk about bike helmets.

CityLab Daily: Mayors Demand a Better Infrastructure Deal

Also: L.A. taps the breaks on freeway expansion, and mapping Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane exodus.

CityLab Daily: A Tale of New Cities

Also: Mayors make a plan for net neutrality, and an affordable boost for “granny flats.”

Building Better Bus Stops Can Be a Snap

Hold the concrete. These prefab plastic platforms are helping cities experiment with bus infrastructure, without spending so much time and money.

CityLab Daily: A Tunnel Too Far

Also: Silicon Valley notices the heartland, and the connection between two-way streets and gentrification.

Let the Mayors Lead

As local politicians attempt to keep government from grinding to a halt, they need the support of an involved citizenry.

CityLab Daily: All the City Ladies

Also: Suburban retail’s ticking time bomb, and DOJ’s new test for “sanctuary” laws.

CityLab Daily: No More 'Discrimination' at HUD

Also: “White flight” in America’s suburbs, and perusing D.C.’s Metro gift shop.

CityLab Daily: Can Commuter Patterns Reveal a Better Electoral Map?

Also: The geography of Millennial talent, and the next test for bail reform.

CityLab Daily: California’s Housing Crisis, Explained

Also: What Airbnb did to New York City, and why you should cut streetcars some slack.

A brownstone in Brooklyn, where Airbnb growth has been particularly strong in recent years.

What Airbnb Did to New York City

Airbnb’s effects on the city’s housing market have been dramatic, a report suggests. And other cities could soon see the same pattern.