CityLab Daily: The Sensory City Philosopher

Also: Why New York City is reporting sustainability progress to the UN, and imagining a “Canadian Anti-Tourist League.”

A photo shows theLondon protesters' Trump balloon.

CityLab Daily: A ‘Carnival of Resistance’ in London

Also: A patriotic museum’s trouble in the suburbs, and the untapped potential of alleys.

CityLab Daily: Uber Dramatically Scales Back on Self-Driving Car Testing

Also: America’s “Robot Belt,” and the rise and fall of the family road trip.

CityLab Daily: What Stands Between Millennials and Homeownership

Also: Security theater at the National Zoo, and a “carnival of resistance” awaits Trump in Britain.

CityLab Daily: Where Cities Help Detain Immigrants

Also: The rise of “urban tech,” and the other toxic toll of lead.

CityLab Daily: Little Vehicles, Big Money

Also: Hate-watching “House Hunters,” and a teen city council that doesn’t mess around.

People marching across the Brooklyn Bridge in support of immigrants. New York City, New York, 2017.

The Global Compact for Migration Needs to Hear From Cities

In the U.S., more than 90 percent of immigrants live in urban areas; around the world, that proportion is even higher. City leaders should have more of a say in this week’s UN negotiations.

CityLab Daily: Plan It, Earth

A lesson in an essential element of summer.

AOL headquarters in Virginia, 1997. By 2000, AOL was the biggest Internet provider in the country and valued at $125 billion.

Hook Local Startups, Not the HQ2 Whale

City leaders will find that cultivating relationships with small homegrown companies is smarter—and cheaper—than trying to lure in an outside behemoth.  

Paris Maps the Best Places to Avoid the Summer Heat

A cool-seeking app and a butt-cooling bench are the latest tools to help people cool down.

CityLab Daily: Notice Something in the Air Today?

A lesson in an essential element of summer.

CityLab Daily: Fire, and Making It Work

A lesson in an essential element of summer.

CityLab Daily: What a Local Paper Means to Its Community

Also: There’s a shortage of bus drivers, and Millennials are happiest in cities.

CityLab Daily: We Need to Talk About Homelessness

It’s growing, it’s pervasive, and it’s intractable. #USHomelessProject

CityLab Daily: Lessons From the 2018 Primaries

Also: Interrupting the jogging mayor, and why Vermonters fear a Mormon utopia.

CityLab Daily: An Old Car Factory Becomes a Density Battleground

Also: Midwest counties are getting younger, and the tech industry is inflating Denmark’s carbon footprint.

CityLab Daily: Silicon Valley Wants to Conquer Construction

Also: SCOTUS strikes down a gerrymandering challenge, and the high cost of saving travel time.

CityLab Daily: The Hardest Part of Life in a Master-Planned Utopia

Also: The problem with suburban police, and Pride arrives in smaller cities.

CityLab Daily: Mayors Visit the Border

Also: Relocating like LeBron, and the successes of “informal” development.