The Hunt for an 'Entrepreneurial Ecosystem'

Business boosters believe connectivity is the key to spurring new businesses. But can that model work in chronically disinvested communities?

The Cumberland River flows past Nissan Stadium in Nashville in October 2016

Nashville's Water Wars

The growing metro area is full of rivers and creeks that keep spilling over. In order to design a solution, officials will have to bridge the urban-rural divide.

The Rise of Public-Sector Crowdfunding

Around the country, local governments are soliciting donations for everything from dog parks to public defenders. Is this a practical response to budget cuts or a sign that publicly funded services are in trouble?

An inspector stands in front of an archway in a dark sewer tunnel

London's Sewers Are Clogged With Massive Globs of Fat. Here’s Why It’s Hard to Get Rid of Them

“Fatbergs,” these vast bundles of congealed grease, are becoming the stuff of urban legend—but preventing their formation can be complex.

An undocumented immigrant who is a recipient of DACA and a nursing student stands in front of the White House protesting the Trump administration's phasing out of the program.

How Universities Are Protecting Their DREAMers

The University of California is suing the Trump administration for rescinding DACA. Here’s what else colleges are doing to help undocumented students.

A wheelchair user is pictured in front of protest signs about accessibility.

Google Gets Serious About Mapping Wheelchair Accessibility

The tech giant is tapping into its global army of users to make its Maps app more useful for people with disabilities.

America's Loneliest Town Is Searching for a Match

It's four hours to the nearest airport, three hours to Walmart, and there's no high-speed internet. But this tiny mining town is still determined to join the 21st century.

Tactical Urbanism Comes to Outlaw Country

Can Wyoming do walkable?

A young girl and her classmates work on computers in a classroom.

How Housing Authorities Can Shape School Outcomes

In Tacoma, Washington, and other U.S. cities, housing departments are collaborating with school districts to give low-income and homeless students a leg up.

Chicago's Path to Become a 'City of Learning'

Four years after launching a digital platform to connect students with out-of-school programs, researchers are reaping the benefits: a large pool of data to study the inequity of informal education.

What Makes a Smart City Truly Smart?

Kansas City has streetlights equipped with sensors and plans to make roads pay for themselves. But its chief innovation officer says there’s nothing smart about them.

New Zealand Tries a Different Kind of Private Prison

A new high-security facility in Auckland flips the incentives on for-profit incarceration to keep inmates from returning.

A person on a dirt bike is pictured.

Urban Dirt Biking Gets a Home in Cleveland

The sport is growing in popularity, but illegal on many city streets. Can the country’s first urban dirt bike park overcome prejudice and become a model for building community?

Downtown revival: Eau Claire is now Wisconsin's second-fastest growing city.

How Bon Iver Saved Eau Claire

The small Wisconsin city is enjoying a cultural revival, thanks to its gorgeous setting, a few well-placed boosters, and a knack for smart development.

A worker inspects solar panels northwest of Lanzhou, Gansu Province.

Charting the Planet's Path to 100% Renewable Energy

A speedy transition to wind, water, and solar could avert catastrophic climate change. For the 139 countries that backed the Paris agreement, it’s within reach.

A city overpass with parked cars and sparse trees

How 'Temporary Urbanism' Can Transform Struggling Industrial Towns

Matchmaking empty spaces with local businesses and the tiny house movement are innovative solutions that can help post-industrial cities across Europe and North America adapt to the future.

A woman sits reading on a rooftop garden, with the dense city of Tokyo surrounding her.

Designing a Megacity for Mental Health

A new report assesses how Tokyo’s infrastructure affects residents’ emotional well-being, offering lessons for other cities.

A woman in a raincoat pushes her daughter in a shopping cart across a flooded street

How Do We Keep From Going Hungry During Disasters?

Storms and rising waters threaten cities’ food, but some municipalities are taking steps to keep shelves stocked and bellies full.

L.A. County’s Latest Solution to Homelessness Is a Test of Compassion

Residents can get up to $75,000 to build a “granny flat”—if they open it up to a homeless family.

Communal space at classroom in Espoo, Finland.

Why Finland Is Embracing Open-Plan School Design

The country’s educational successes are undeniable, but simply demolishing school walls alone won’t necessarily replicate them.