Also today: Hyperlooping to Cleveland, and an urbanist syllabus for Black Panther.

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“When educators become enforcers, education stops.” After the Parkland, Florida, shooting, President Trump has repeatedly suggested arming teachers in the classroom. Psychology professor Joshua Grubbs, an educator and gun owner, explains a crucial fact missing from this debate: Guns change how you think and view others:

Being armed places you in a state of mind that is not conducive to teaching... You are aware of where your firearm is at all times... You are aware of everyone around you. And whether you want to admit it or not, you are looking for threat.

Vive la local news! Public radio stations in New York, D.C., and Southern California are banding together to revive some local news sites—including Gothamist, DCist, LAist, and DNAinfo—that shuttered in November. CityLab context: Former LAist editor-in-chief Julia Wick writes about why these publications mean so much to their cities.

Wakanda 101: If you’re seeing Black Panther for the first or fifth time this weekend, take a gander at Brentin Mock’s urbanist syllabus for the film—covering everything from Afrofuturism to vibranium trains to the politics of Wakanda.

Andrew Small

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Who's Ready to Hyperloop to Cleveland?

A company has inked a deal with state and local authorities to officially study the idea of a Chicago-to-Northern-Ohio supertrain.

Meredith Rutland Bauer

Inclusionary Zoning Gets Downsized in Ontario

Toronto housing activists and politicians say a draft policy doesn’t go nearly far enough to provide affordable housing.

Brian Barth

Food Aid Doesn't Cover the Price of Food in Almost Every County in America

A new map shows that SNAP benefits lag behind need, even as the GOP mulls different ways to cut back on food aid.

Kriston Capps and Juan Pablo Garnham

Do You Understand Crypto?

CityLab tests your grasp of our virtual currency-filled future.

Sarah Holder

New York Needs Gordon Matta-Clark Now More Than Ever

A new retrospective at the Bronx Museum highlights the legendary artist’s ability to bring disparate communities together in the spirit of radical creation.

Laura Feinstein

Chart of the Day

Chart of Millennial race-ethnic profiles of urban-suburban counties

The Brookings Institution’s William Frey has a new blog post explaining how people of color are driving the Millennial urban growth trends. Nearly three-fifths of Millennials in urban counties are either Hispanic, black, Asian, or other races. People of color have also contributed the lion’s share—87 percent—of total urban core population growth from 2010 to 2015. CityLab context: How gentrifying neighborhoods fall short on diversity.

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An NRA lobbyist in Florida has become a de facto member of government (The Trace)

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This is the worst roommate story you’ll ever read (New York Magazine)

The anti-Trump forces in middle America, rebooting democracy (Democracy Journal)

Time to get rid of the “Complete Street” or bust mindset (Strong Towns)

Arming teachers would endanger students of color (Slate)

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