Volunteers prepare bagged meals for students while schools are closed in Alexandria, Virginia. Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty

As the coronavirus disrupts every area of our lives, CityLab wants to know what your community is doing to cope.

As CityLab continues to cover the Covid-19 global pandemic, we want to hear stories from around the world of community resilience amidst the social distancing and disruptions of our daily lives. How is your neighborhood providing support to its vulnerable people? What creative ideas are emerging from your community?

We are particularly looking for ideas related to the following topics:

  • Managing child and elder care;

  • Community support for vulnerable populations, from medical staff and hourly workers to homeless individuals;

  • Sharing of resources like food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer;

  • How families, neighbors and communities are staying connected despite physical restrictions.

Please share your stories and information with us by email at citylab@bloomberg.net with the subject line: “Community Resilience”.

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