CityLab Daily: Chicago’s Gun Violence Is Worse Than It Looks

Also today: Modernism in London's “Metro-Land,” and letting slum residents control their own destiny.

The Bleeding of Chicago

America’s third-largest city has built one of the world’s best trauma care systems. But that success might be obscuring the true scale of its gun violence.

CityLab Daily: Why I Won't Bring My Gun Into My Classroom

Also today: Hyperlooping to Cleveland, and an urbanist syllabus for Black Panther.

CityLab Daily: Guns and the Suburbs

Also today: The attainable wonders of Wakandan transit, and the geography of the U.S. Olympic team.

The Wakanda Reader

Everything you wanted to know about Wakanda and urbanism, but were afraid to ask.

CityLab Daily: Where American Kids Are In Crisis

Also today: What’s needed to actually fund infrastructure, and the NRA gets some pushback in Dallas.

A family embraces as they say goodbye after a visit at San Quentin state prison in California.

Where American Kids Are In Crisis

Kids repeatedly exposed to violence, homelessness, and addiction are more likely to carry the long-term effects into adulthood. A new report breaks down the geographic and racial distribution of this trauma.

What It Would Actually Take to Fund Infrastructure

Commentators have broadly agreed Trump’s infrastructure proposal is not nearly enough. Here’s a blueprint for how to do better.

CityLab Daily: L.A.'s Pre-High Line Moment

Also today: The case for a mayor in the White House, and how Australia conquered guns.

Hire a Refugee (and Pay in Cryptocurrency). What Could Go Wrong?

When technology meets the global refugee crisis, the lines between profit and philanthropy get blurry.

Wakanda: The Chocolatest City

The new Marvel superhero movie Black Panther shows the benefits and the risks associated with sustaining and protecting a majority-black community.  

CityLab Daily: Bikeshare Beware

Also today: A portrait of Parkland, Florida, and Seattle is winning the war on the car commute.

CityLab Daily: Where Gun Control Inches Forward

Also today: ‘Queering the map,’ and Cape Town adjusts to a water diet.

CityLab Daily: Finding Love in an HQ2 Place

Also today: Preemption comes to dockless bikesharing, and the real cause of the opioid crisis.

CityLab Daily: Stop Calling It a Trillion-Dollar Plan

Also today: How to design "age-friendly" cities and why rural Brits outlive their American counterparts.

Samuel Cole, 85, of Los Angeles, poses in his motorhome. Cole moved into the vehicle when he wasn't able to afford a $100 rise in his rent.

The Age-Friendly City Can't Just Be for the Wealthy

University of Manchester researchers argue that the movement to make cities more livable for older residents must expand its work on inequality.

CityLab Daily: The Infrastructure Weeks to Come

Also today: When trains beat out planes, and “the resistance requires a coin.”

CityLab Daily: Let the Pop-Up Games Begin

Also today: New Orleans wants to keep an eye on you, and a better way to measure density.

The Algorithm That Can Resettle Refugees

More than 65 million people are living in a state of displacement, the highest level in human history. Only a small fraction are successfully resettled into permanent homes. Is there a digital fix for this very human crisis?

CityLab Daily: Don't Mess With the Census

Also today: Pittsburgh’s mayor talks autonomous vehicles, and a new way to find LGBT-friendly housing.