Special Reports

Debating Density

Urban space and the coronavirus crisis

Iconic European Floor Plans

The iconic home designs that define cities.

Fun City

Inside the urban comeback of the 1980s and ’90s.

Beach Week

Where the water meets the city.

The Maps That Make Us

Personal essays about the power of maps in shaping our lives.

Building Bauhaus

Founded by Walter Gropius in Germany in 1919, the Bauhaus art school influenced modern design and architecture—shaping our homes and our cities to this day.

CityLab University

CityLab University is a resource for understanding some of the most important concepts related to cities and urban policy.

Finding Community

Where do we make connections in the new world order?

Room to Grow

Raising tiny humans in the city.

This project is supported by funding from the Bernard van Leer Foundation.


Documenting a movement across the Atlanta region to form new cities.

Public Access

CityLab shares its favorite videos—old and new, serious and nutty—that tell a story about place.

Seoul Stories

The human side of South Korea’s high-technology society

Data City

What becomes of new digital information.

This project is supported by funding from Esri.

Cities on Fire 1968

Urban America After MLK

The Kids' Zone

Stories about growing up in the 21st century city.

This project is supported by funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

City Capital

Exploring collaborations between local government and business.

This project is supported by funding from Mastercard.

Superstorm Sandy: 5 Years Later

In partnership with Climate Desk, CityLab is looking at problems, solutions, and lessons learned.