Animals Week

Urban citizens of all species

The Politics of the Dog Park

Dogs are children for a growing number of Americans—and that’s putting new pressures on pup-friendly space.  

An illustration of a dog is pictured.

Curbing Your Dog, All Around the World

This blogger has the inside scoop on cities’ cheekiest signs.

A crow perches on a gravestone in Ukraine.

When Crows Attack

One man is on a mission to map bird-on-human aggression around the world.

An illustration of rats is pictured.

Will Cities Ever Outsmart Rats?

The age-old strategy is “see a rat, kill a rat.” The new plan is to end an infestation before it ever begins.

An illustration of a monkey holding a banana amid soda bottles.

Urban Monkeys Are Too Chunky

Put down that banana! Eating human food is making the world’s city-dwelling simians sick.

‘We Thought We Would Be Ruled By Robots’

American crow populations are swelling in cities. Perhaps by better understanding them we can better understand ourselves.

A group of deer pass through a yard in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

The Deer in Your Yard Are Here to Stay

The deer population of the eastern U.S. has exploded and cities are trying to keep it in check. But the options available to them are limited, and fraught.

When City Life Is Wild

This week, we’re fishing up stories about urban animals of all species.

An illustration of birds flying over the Javits Center green roof

Green Roofs Are Saving Birds and Hatching Bird-Watchers

When landscape architects attract flocks to urban centers, city dwellers are keen to look up.