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Answering thorny questions about urban life

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What Happens to the Coins People Toss Into Fountains?

There’s a lot of confusion about the secret life of submerged pennies.

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Cyclists vs. Runners: A Path to Peace

Rules for sharing space in the park.


Ask CityLab: Can I Climb Urban Trees?

How to fulfill your leafy fantasies safely and legally.

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How Much Loyalty Do I Owe My Local Shops?

Am I a traitor for ditching one mom-and-pop place for another one?

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Ask CityLab: How Can I Keep My Dog With Me While I'm Running Errands?

Cities aren’t always the friendliest place for man’s best friend. But you can make it a little better.


Why Do Passengers Insist on Crowding Around Subway Doors?

And how can you get the bottleneckers to move?

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Why Are Manholes Bursting Into Flames?

Yet another thing to blame on snow and ice.

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How to Avoid Bringing Home Bedbugs

Expert exterminator tips for keeping the menaces at bay.

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It’s Probably OK To Eat Fruit From City Trees

New research is good news for hungry urbanites.

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Ask CityLab: What's the Deal with Steam Rising from the NYC Streets?

The plumes are so common, but also mysterious.

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Ask CityLab: Why Won't Subway Doors Reopen When I Try to Squeeze Through?

Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

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Ask CityLab: Do "WALK" Buttons Actually Do Anything?

Hurry up and wait.


Ask CityLab: How Do I Get Rid of Head Lice?

They multiply like bunnies. The sooner you spot them, the better.

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Ask CityLab: Why Do Sewer Systems Leak Noxious Waste in the Summer?

Caution: Dry heaving and a feces-filled river ahead.

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Ask CityLab: How Do I Wage War on Rats?

An urban rodentologist explains how to defeat the sneaky vermin.

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Ask CityLab: Do I Really Need to Wear a Seat Belt Whenever I Ride in a Taxi?

There’s a lot of debate over that strap.


Ask CityLab: Why Does My Food Taste So Weird on Airplanes?

A new study suggests it’s all in your ears.

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Ask CityLab: Can I Bike With My Baby?

Here’s how to safely take your little one for a spin.