Bike Week

Urban life on two wheels

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Is Montreal Still North America's Cycling Capital?

As bikes boom in Canada’s second largest city, advocates warn the city might not be taking safety seriously enough.

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The Definitive Rules of the Road for Urban Cyclists

We spoke with a riding instructor for advice on how to navigate the city streets with confidence.


Meet Mexico City's First Bike Mayor

Areli Carreón wants to recruit cyclists, community groups, and local government in a push to make the metropolis more friendly to riders.

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Britain's Forgotten Bike Highways

In the 1930s, the U.K. built a massive network of state-of-the-art bike trails. Now the challenge is to revive them.

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What If Bikes Ate Smog?

No, not metaphorically. We’re talking about sending fleets of bicycles with air filtration equipment into the streets to remove nasty airborne particles.


When Will Bikes Rule the City?

CityLab explores the ever-changing role of the bicycle, the machine that makes cities better.  

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The Great Leveler

In its early history, the bicycle was celebrated—and condemned—for disrupting social barriers and bringing the classes together.

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Mapping America's Bike Commuters

In honor of Bike to Work Day, we dug into where the largest share of these intrepid workers get to their jobs on two wheels.