Bus to the Future

A photo of a fleet of electric buses in Santiago, Chile.

Why U.S. Cities Aren’t Using More Electric Buses

Two reports from the World Resource Institute look at the biggest barriers to electrifying the global bus fleet—and how cities can overcome them.

A rendering of a double-decker bus

Electric Double-Decker Buses Are Coming to L.A.

They’re not just for sightseeing anymore.

 New York City bus driver David Smith points out how to use the fare system to a passenger.

There's a Bus Driver Shortage. And No Wonder.

Why doesn't anyone want to drive the bus?

A screen shot from the game 'Bus Simulator 18'

The Mundane Joys of Playing a Bus Simulator

In Bus Simulator 18, you’ll pick up passengers, dodge potholes, and avoid bankruptcy. Too real?

To Build a Better Bus System, Ask a Driver

The people who know buses best have ideas about how to reform the system, according to a survey of 373 Brooklyn bus operators.

A Milwaukee County Transit System bus.

Move to Wisconsin, Millennials! (Just Don't Forget Your Car.)

As the state spends millions to lure under-40 workers from across the Midwest, local transit riders are stuck in place.

More Routes = More Riders

Why is transit ridership dropping across North American cities? Blame declining bus service.

Public school buses are parked in Springfield, Ill.

The Yellow School Bus Needs a Green Makeover

The diesel-sucking dinosaurs from your childhood are due for an update.

When is a Dedicated Bus Lane Not a Dedicated Bus Lane?

Pre-signals are a rare bird of traffic engineering, but they could save bus riders a lot of time.

University of Maryland students Kurt Willson and Shannon Corrigan work to map a bus route in Loudon County, Virginia.

Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out When the Bus Is Coming?

It takes a volunteer army of student mapmakers to build a better transit tracker.

Why Seattle Is America's Bus-Lovingest Town

How did a transit-backward town become a national poster child for ridership success?

An electric bus awaiting passengers in Washington D.C.'s Union Station bus deck.

Five Breakthroughs That Could Make You Love the Bus

Can new technology radically improve the rider experience?

How Riders Won the Fight for Better Buses in New York City

The MTA’s ambitious bus overhaul plan has long-suffering transit advocates giddy. Now comes the hard part.

The Chinese city of Shenzhen's 16,000-strong bus fleet is now battery powered.

How China Took Charge of the Electric Bus Revolution

In just eight years, Shenzhen became the first city to electrify 100 percent of its public buses—16,359, to be exact.

The Stark (and Hopeful) Facts About Bus Ridership

It’s not a death spiral—at least, not yet. Examples abound of how city leaders can turn the numbers around.

Love the Bus, Save Your City

Talk of the transportation future is focused on the next shiny thing. But one old technology is central to real transformation.