Cities Remade

A Powerful Map Promises to Help Cities Keep Streets Free

When a city’s maps don’t match with Uber or Lyft’s, getting precious trip data can be arduous. SharedStreets thinks it can fix that.

How Seattle Is Winning the War on the Car Commute

Despite massive job growth, just 25 percent of workers drove themselves in 2017.

The Rise of 'Digital Poorhouses'

Seemingly benign and even well-meaning high-tech tools are evolving the ways in which government criminalizes and punishes the poor.

The Los Angeles skyline looms above single-family homes.

Density's Next Frontier: The Suburbs

According to a new study, the continuing low density of inner suburbs is a major cause of the housing crisis—and a potential solution.

The Imperfect Science of Mapping the Flu

As influenza rages across the U.S., scientists labor to develop better health surveillance techniques.

Seoul's Answer to a Pollution Crisis: Free Public Transit

It’s a costly move that has only produced meager results in other cities. Could it bring real change to South Korea’s smog-choked capital?

Could Congestion Pricing Finally Work for New York City?

A fee-based plan may be the only hope for the city’s costly transportation crisis.

An aisle in a grocery store

It's Not the Food Deserts: It's the Inequality

A new study suggests that America’s great nutritional divide goes deeper than the problem of food access within cities.

A small accessory dwelling unit—known as an ADU—is attached to an older single-family home in a Portland, Oregon, neighborhood.

The Granny Flats Are Coming

A new book argues that the U.S. is about to see more accessory dwelling units and guides homeowners on how to design and build them.

When a Tech Giant Plays Waterfront Developer

A "smart city" in Toronto might be a smart real-estate play for Sidewalk Labs. And for the public?

The New $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Could Pressure Struggling Cities

Trump’s big investment plan will be revealed in January. Here’s what to expect.

A Mid-Century Shopping Icon Makes Way For the Future

Victor Gruen’s Northland Center set suburban architectural standards for half a century. Now, partially demolished, its next life is up in the air.

The Rafiq Nagar slums in Mumbai

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better When It Comes to City Size

A pair of studies from LSE suggests that developing countries are better off with smaller cities.

Is the Rental Housing Explosion Over?

For the first time since 2005, growth in new rental housing slowed down. Are there really enough apartments to meet demand?

Here Comes the Soccer Arena Boondoogle

As the NFL founders, cities are dangling football-style funding promises at pro soccer franchises.

When Millionaires Squabble Over a Private Street, There Are No Winners

The ongoing saga of Presidio Terrace is just depressing all around.

How Should Chicago Spend Its Uber Tax?

The Windy City will make ride-hailing services contribute funding for transit. Here’s how they could use the money.

A Bus-Shunning Texas Town's Big Leap to Microtransit

Arlington used to be the largest city in the U.S. without any buses at all. Now it’s going all in on on-demand shuttles.

From the Ruins of a Retail Meltdown, Post-Industrial Playgrounds Emerge

While its shuttered department stores cause headaches around the U.S., Sears’s massive 1920s warehouses represent a triumph of post-industrial urbanism.

The Morality of the City

In his new book The Ordinary Virtues, the writer and politician Michael Ignatieff reveals the “moral operating systems” that keep cities together.

A rendering of a self-driving "trackless train"

Can We Just Call This a Bus?

New “trackless trains” out of China suggest buses by any other name could smell sweeter.