Cities Remade

The Rafiq Nagar slums in Mumbai

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better When It Comes to City Size

A pair of studies from LSE suggests that developing countries are better off with smaller cities.

Is the Rental Housing Explosion Over?

For the first time since 2005, growth in new rental housing slowed down. Are there really enough apartments to meet demand?

Here Comes the Soccer Arena Boondoogle

As the NFL founders, cities are dangling football-style funding promises at pro soccer franchises.

When Millionaires Squabble Over a Private Street, There Are No Winners

The ongoing saga of Presidio Terrace is just depressing all around.

How Should Chicago Spend Its Uber Tax?

The Windy City will make ride-hailing services contribute funding for transit. Here’s how they could use the money.

A Bus-Shunning Texas Town's Big Leap to Microtransit

Arlington used to be the largest city in the U.S. without any buses at all. Now it’s going all in on on-demand shuttles.

From the Ruins of a Retail Meltdown, Post-Industrial Playgrounds Emerge

While its shuttered department stores cause headaches around the U.S., Sears’s massive 1920s warehouses represent a triumph of post-industrial urbanism.

The Morality of the City

In his new book The Ordinary Virtues, the writer and politician Michael Ignatieff reveals the “moral operating systems” that keep cities together.

A rendering of a self-driving "trackless train"

Can We Just Call This a Bus?

New “trackless trains” out of China suggest buses by any other name could smell sweeter.  

An illustration of Gothamist logos being packed up.

Everyone Should Fear What Happened to the Gothamist Sites

Five U.S. cities just lost a critical source of local news. The former LAist editor explains why it’s so troubling that they were silenced.

Denver Radically Expanded Its Transit. So Why Are More People Driving Cars?

The “most advanced transit city in the west” is having growing pains.

An elderly man stands in the doorway of his mobile home.

How Mobile Homes Hinder the American Dream

A new book examines how trailer parks trap their residents in a cycle of deprivation.

Police cars are pictured.

How Police Are Preparing for the Arrival of Autonomous Cars

Before self-driving cars take over the road, first responders need to know what they’ll do in an emergency.

Cornell Tech campus in New York City

How Innovation Leads to Economic Segregation

A new study finds that the clustering of high-tech innovation has made American metros more divided.

Real Estate Developers Become the Entertainers

As cities fall in love with mixed-use developments that function as public spaces, the builders are taking on a bigger role as curators of cultural events.

A woman pushes a stroller past a pile of garbage bags on a snow bank next to a New York City sidewalk.

Is Garbage a Product of Bad Design?

A team of architects and planners has set out to prove that heaps of waste aren’t an immutable part of a city’s topography.

How Seattle Bucked a National Trend and Got More People to Ride the Bus

Three experts in three very different positions weigh in on their city’s ridership success.