City Makers: Getting to Work

What's next in workforce development

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Why Seattle and Tacoma, Maritime Rivals, Merged Their Ports

Faced with the negotiating power of global shipping giants, the ports 32 miles apart decided to join together—and train up the workforce they’ll both need.

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The Detroit Start-Up Helping Women Craft a Path Out of Homelessness

How a nonprofit and a small jewelry company team up to help homeless women get back on their feet.

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Where Dealing With Trauma Is Part of Job Training

An unusual nonprofit for disadvantaged youth combines real-world work experience with counseling to overcome past pain.  

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Burned Out? Take a Sabbatical

In 2009, the U.S. Navy started offering a career break to help retain service members. Now the other armed forces—and private companies—are following suit.


What Trans Men Know About Gender in the Workplace

Want to see how men and women fare differently at work? Change gender.

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How Clearing Criminal Records Puts People to Work

About 70 million Americans have criminal records, and some of them struggle to find jobs decades after their offense. Advocates of expungement say it levels the playing field—and boosts the economy.

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In Job Training, a Little Support Can Go a Long Way

Help with navigating everyday challenges—like housing, transportation, and child care—can be key to completing job training, a new report finds.

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Paying Rent With Words

Departing from a focus on pure craft, more schools are helping students learn how to turn a profit.

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Why Virtual Reality May Become Part of Your Job

From mock customer-service scenarios to simulations of technical procedures, VR is branching out in the workplace.  

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How a Change to Military Benefits Will Affect Millions of Workers

The country’s largest employer—the U.S. military—is switching to a new retirement and savings system, with big consequences for troops and their families.

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Why Co-Working Is Moving to the Suburbs

Shared work spaces are popping up far away from urban cores.

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How New York Finally Found Its Place in the Tech Boom

After the initial hype fizzled, “Silicon Alley” thrived by playing to the city’s strengths as a financial powerhouse.

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How to Become a Rocket Scientist

For would-be scientists and engineers underrepresented in those fields, interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is often a key first step.

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The New Front Line of Public Health

Community health workers take a 360-degree view of the barriers that stand between their patients and better health—and their numbers are growing.

Mission EDC

If a City Learns to Code, Will Jobs Follow?

In South Texas, the Mission Economic Development Corporation is taking an unusually hands-on role to raise the STEAM skills of its current—and future—workforce.

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Why Become a Teacher?

Rookie and would-be teachers explain what made them choose a profession known for low pay and high stress.

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What If You Could Take the Safety Net With You?

A sharp critic of the gig economy says a “portable safety net” would help today’s untethered workers.

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Don't Bet Your Job on Legal Pot

Despite state laws, employees can still be terminated for testing positive for weed.