Digging in to what locals eat, and why

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The Food That Makes Your City Feel Like Home

The winners of our CityEats contest told us about the must-try restaurants and dishes for visitors and locals.

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The Treat That Defines L.A.'s Day of the Dead

This Mexican holiday—and its foods—are anchors of tradition and identity across the border.  

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How the Half-Smoke Links a Changing D.C.

The iconic sausage is a delicious constant in a city in flux.

Tell Us What Locals Love to Eat

Here’s your chance to write a culinary love letter for our new CityEats series.

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Chicago's Most Famous Greek Dish Isn't All That Greek

Flaming cheese caught on in the mid-century Windy City.

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Beer Fits Seattle Like a Well-Worn Flannel

The Northwest is America's capital of hoppy beer.

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In the Southwest, the Best Tacos Are Flat, Fried, and Puffy

Navajo tacos reveal the region’s Native American history.

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In Baltimore, the Best Beef Is Sour

October is the time to experience the unsubtle glories of the city’s German-American heritage.

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Montreal's Portuguese Chicken Gives Poutine a Run for Its Money

Frango churrasco is the go-to takeout in a historic immigrant hub.

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The Only Place to Find True Chili Is at a Real Texas Chili Parlor

No matter how much Austin changes, chili parlors serve up delicious Texas red.

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In Cider Season, Detroit's Donuts Reign Supreme

The perfect autumnal snack salutes Michigan’s other big industry.