Documenting a movement across the Atlanta region to form new cities.

Stockbridge, Georgia

Why the Vote to Secede From a Black City Failed in Georgia

There were many reasons to oppose letting Eagle’s Landing tear apart the city of Stockbridge, but it shouldn’t have even been on the ballot in the first place.

A tower in the middle of Stockbridge's main commercial district.

The Strangest Form of White Flight

The wealthy residents of Eagle's Landing voted Tuesday on whether to secede from the metro Atlanta city of Stockbridge, just after a black mayor and an all-black city council took office.

Mapping the Segregation of Metro Atlanta’s Amenities

A new mapping project shows how segregation is a matter of whether you have close access to a grocery store, hospital, bank, or park—amenities that influence your quality of life.

The Deal That Might Just Break Georgia Into Pieces

This would be the de-gentrification of the city of Stockbridge, with its wealthy areas carved away for a new city while remaining residents pick up the substantial tab left behind.

Atlanta's Cityhood Movement Might Be Out of Control

If Georgia allows the new city of Eagle’s Landing to form, it will set new precedents that could be racially and economically damaging to metro Atlanta.

How to Start Your Own City

A year ago this week, Jason Lary was sworn in as mayor of his brainchild, the brand new city of Stonecrest outside of Atlanta. Now Stonecrest is a frontrunner to land the new Amazon headquarters. How’d he do it?

Atlanta: A Tale of New Cities

All around this majority-black community, the region’s cityhood movement has expanded. Now South DeKalb residents are faced with the question: Should they form a new city too?

The Quest for a New Black City in Georgia

A key state deadline this week determines whether predominantly African-American communities just outside Atlanta can vote to start their own city.