CityLab 2015

Urban solutions to global challenges, live from London

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U.K. Police Departments Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Some of them even go so far as to poll people who have been arrested and ask, “were you treated fairly?”

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The End of Central Business Districts?

“We go to CBDs because that’s where other people are, not because they’re wonderful places to spend time.”

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'Paint the City You Want to See'

At CityLab 2015 in London, the mayor of Accra explains how he solved a thorny problem with red paint and some brushes.  

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In Europe's Refugee Crisis, 'A Good City Is a Generous City'

The mayors of Athens and Bristol discuss the mass-scale influx of refugees during The Atlantic’s CityLab 2015 summit.

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Affordable Housing Is a Moral Choice (and the Numbers Prove It)

A new tool shows that developers can profit by building affordable housing almost anywhere.

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Not Letting Go of the Arts After a Devastating Earthquake

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel explains how her city is treating the rebound from natural disaster as a creative Year Zero.

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Why Londoners Should Be Way More Outraged About Air Pollution

“The same people who say it’s unacceptable that little Bobby has asthma will get in their big SUV and drive their child to school,” says London Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring.

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NIMBYism Is a Trash Crisis for Southern India

Cities in the Indian state of Kerala don’t want to be the home of badly needed trash facilities in an urbanizing India.

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London Should Be Less Embarrassed About Its Wealth, Says Mayor Boris Johnson

“There’s a problem in the British psyche still about that,” the mayor said in an interview at The Atlantic’s CityLab 2015 summit.

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Watch: CityLab 2015

Highlights from The Atlantic's annual summit on urban innovation.

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The Quiet Power of Changing the Way Cities Buy Stuff

It sounds small, but it has enormous potential.

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Kings Cross—London's Changing Landscape in Microcosm

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that explains the city today, this is it.