CityLab Paris

Coverage from the annual convening for urban leaders.

Protesters lock arms as they block a driveway at the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services building in San Francisco on May 1, 2017.

'Cities Will Save Democracy If They Don’t Kill It First'

Eric Liu, a writer and thinker who teaches citizens to create their own power, has a bold challenge for city leaders.

Memorializing Tragedy in an Era of Constant Mass Assaults

Six years after Norway’s bloodiest day since WWII, the country hasn’t settled on how to remember the violence. The U.S. is even further behind.

'We Have to Be Careful Not to Romanticize Cities'

Writers Ta-Nehisi Coates and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie confront the limits of urbanism.

Watch Video from CityLab Paris, Day 2

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, and dozens of urban leaders talk with leading scholars, designers, and journalists.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (left) talks to the Atlantic's Steve Clemons.

L.A. Mayor Says Infrastructure Needs to Be Funded for Life

If Eric Garcetti were president, he says he’d be a maintainer.

What England's New Metro Mayors Are Doing to Assert Local Power After Brexit

Liverpool’s first directly elected mayor is on a mission to engage disaffected residents.

Watch the Live Stream from CityLab Paris, Day 2

Dozens of mayors and other city officials talk with leading scholars, designers, and journalists.

Public Squares Are the Front Lines in the Fight Against Terrorism

As tactics for attacking urban areas evolve, city leaders are considering design tweaks to protect public spaces against vehicle attacks and other growing threats.

Mervat Al-Mherat, the city manager and deputy for health and agricultural affairs for Amman

Stress Is a Public Health Concern, Too

In Amman, Jordan, officials want to look to underlying causes to address high smoking rates.

Raj Chetty

Why the Solutions to Economic Mobility Are Local

The American Dream now comes down to a coin toss, explains economist Raj Chetty.

Japan's Glass Ceiling Survives Tokyo Leader's Insurgent Campaign

Yuriko Koike’s upstart national political party nearly unseated Japan’s longtime ruling party. Instead, a dramatic gender gap remains in Japanese political leadership.

Cities Are Thinking and Acting Globally, Says Paris Mayor

Anne Hidalgo did not mince words when it came to Donald Trump’s climate policies.

Watch the Live Stream from CityLab Paris

Mayors Anne Hidalgo of Paris, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, Governor Yuriko Koike of Tokyo, and dozens of other city officials talk with leading scholars, designers, and journalists.

Barcelona Mayor Calls for a Third Way to Solve Catalonia Crisis

Ada Colau, a self-proclaimed “municipalist,” criticized threats from both Spanish nationalists and Catalonian independence seekers at CityLab Paris. She says city leaders are distinctly positioned to find compromise.