Data City

What becomes of new digital information.

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A woman displays a small sensing device and a smartphone with a pollution app.

Cheap Sensors Are Democratizing Air-Quality Data

A new generation of inexpensive, portable air-quality sensors is making it easier for citizen groups and individuals to monitor the air around them.

The Data Brigade of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The city’s Republican mayor was elected on a platform to govern by data. Now, he's deploying volunteer analysts to execute on his vision.

A photo illustration shows a homeless encampment in Seattle.

The Tech That’s Changing How Cities Help the Homeless

From mapping apps to the blockchain, new tools are intended to give cities the information they need to address this growing challenge.

Needles are pictured.

The Race to Learn What's Really Happening in the Opioid Crisis

Cities and towns are on the front lines of an epidemic they don’t fully understand. Their experimental solutions—from real-time maps to sewer robots—highlight how urgent the crisis has become.