Eye on Rio

Stories from the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

The U.S. Cities With the Most Olympic Medals

If L.A. were a country, it would rank ninth in the world.

Criticism Is the Real Winner of Rio's Olympic Games

Scrutiny over corruption and public health may be the best thing to come out of the city hosting the Summer Olympics.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio, officially closed.

Who Really Won the Rio Games?

It depends on how you count.

Olympic Development in Rio Leaves a Tarnished Legacy

A Brazilian research project details development in Rio since it won its Olympic bid seven years ago. It doesn’t paint a very positive picture.

Mapping 'Pre-Crime' in Rio

CrimeRadar is the world’s first publicly available crime-forecasting tool based on open-access data. But will it work?

The Families Displaced by the Rio Olympics

The photographer Marc Ohrem-Leclef documents the effects of forced evictions in the favelas.

The Geography of Team USA

Where America’s Olympians hail from and train.

Who Wants to Permanently Host the Olympic Games?

It might save money, but it would cost the world dearly in other ways.

Did Ryan Lochte Make Up a Story About Getting Mugged in Rio?

Authorities are investigating inconsistencies in the swimmer’s report about being mugged at gunpoint—a story that would confirm the worst impressions about life in Rio.

The Saddest Olympic Celebration

What do you do when you’re competing for a country that might disappear? You dance.

Rio's Plan to Transform Its Arenas After the Olympics

Using what Mayor Eduardo Paes calls “nomadic architecture,” the city plans to dismantle one of its arenas and turn it into schools.

When Will It Get Too Hot to Hold the Summer Olympics?

By 2085, rising temperatures will mean that just 33 cities can safely host the games.

Who's Really Ahead in Rio?

Small countries rise to the top when we control for population, GDP, and size of Olympic delegation.

An Unexpected Second Act for Montreal's Olympic Stadium

On its 40th anniversary, the “Big Owe” is slowly turning into a source of pride.

Rio's Olympic Swimming Pools Are Turning Grody Colors

The source of the problem? Brazil was unprepared to host the Olympic Games.

Rio Security Is Cutting Corners to Curb Long Lines

Perhaps Brazilian security was never prepared for the Olympics, but the decision to ditch strict procedures puts the games at risk.

Will Rio Be a 'Smarter' City After the Olympic Games?

The city installed expensive new technology for the event, but a recent study finds the investment might not pay off in the long run.

From the Favelas, a Glimpse of Rio's Humanity

A Google web documentary takes a look inside the city’s informal settlements.

What If the Olympics Stayed Put?

A few radical ideas to reform the games.

The Rio 2016 Games Are Unhealthy and Un-Olympian

The Olympics were supposed to elevate the health of Rio de Janeiro. Instead, the risk of Zika makes proceeding with the games “negligent in the extreme.”