Neighbors Week

We’re all in this together.

Helping Boomers Find Millennial Roommates

In a college town, students and older homeowners have a lot to offer each other. That’s why two urban planners built an app to bring them together.

An illustration of a cat, with many others in the background

When Neighbors Raise a Stink

Across the globe, those in close proximity clash over each other’s smells. Here are five of the most litigious cases we found.

The mural, depicting Ellis Island, the Holocaust, and the Munich Olympics massacre, flaking off the side of its original home on the Lower East Side

How to Paint a Changing Neighborhood

A mural celebrating Jewish heritage anchored a wall on New York City's Lower East Side for 40 years, then disappeared overnight. Now, the original artists are looking to start over, and bringing newcomers along.

The CityLab Playlist: A New Kind of Neighborhood

We found the best songs about neighborhoods and how they change.

The Strange Power of Weak Ties

It’s not hard to bond with people just like you. What Americans need are more connections to people who aren’t.

An Elegy for 'The Hood'

The death of the rapper Prodigy raises a few questions: Is “the hood” over—and why did we ever need it to begin with?

'A Neighborhood Is Alive and Fluid'

Mr. Rogers showed viewers a place filled with interactions and a framework for being and becoming.

An illustration of a rotary phone, pigeon, coffee, t-shirt, and flag

Kindling Curiosity on a Low-Tech Urban Scavenger Hunt

By winding through the city on a mission, our kids learned to look closely—and to trust themselves and others.

Why a City Block Can Be One of the Loneliest Places on Earth

Feelings of isolation are common in cities. Let’s take a look at how the built environment plays into that.

Members of a tenants' organization in East Harlem gather outside the office of landlord developer Dawnay, Day Group, as lawyers attempt to serve the company with court papers on behalf of tenants, during a press conference in New York. The tenant's group, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, filed suit against Dawnay, Day Group, the London-based investment corporation "for harassing tenants by falsely and illegally charging fees in attempts to push immigrant families from their homes and gentrify the neighborhood," said Chaumtoli Huq, an attorney for the tenants.

Toward Being a Better Gentrifier

There’s a right way and a wrong way to be a neighbor during a time of rapid community change.

It's Time to Meet the Neighbors

CityLab is spending a week talking about the folks next door.

Postcards showing the Woodner when it used to be a luxury apartment-hotel in the '50s and '60s, from the collection of John DeFerrari

The Neighborhood Inside a Building

D.C.’s massive Woodner apartment building has lived many lives—from fancy hotel to one of the last bastions of affordable housing in a gentrifying neighborhood. Now, it’s on the brink of another change.