On the Job

Meet the people who keep neighborhoods running

A Day in the Grueling Life of a New York City Bridge Welder

What it's like to be one of the few women maintaining New York's iconic bridges.

Meet the Woman Coaching Drivers Through Roadside Crises

Letisha Ghanbari has talked people through lock-outs and childbirth.

Humanizing Homelessness at the San Francisco Public Library

A social worker connects at-risk library patrons with resources and a chance to give back.

Meet the Woman Rescuing D.C.'s Orphaned Street Kittens

Hannah Shaw has made it her mission to save the tiniest cats.

Photographing the Bike Messenger Boom

Brandon Lockfoot cycled 4,000 miles to document urban couriers.

Thousands of People Plunged Into the Cold Atlantic Ocean to Ring in the New Year

Behind the scenes of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club’s annual dip.

How Do You Carve Ice Sculptures During a Winter Heat Wave?

Stop trying to control the mercury, for one.

How a Christmas Tree Sells in Brooklyn

Two blueberry farmers from Pennsylvania make a yearly trip to peddle firs in New York.

A Dispatch From a Department Store Elf in Manhattan

“I’m obsessed with Christmas. But I am getting a little tired of the playlist.”

What's It Like to Run an After-School Program for Refugee Children?

A non-profit in Charlotte fights back against anti-refugee sentiment.

It's Not Easy to Coordinate Recreational Sports Leagues for Grown-Ups

First problem: recalcitrant school custodians.

Meet One of the World's Happiest Garbage Collectors

The days of finding jewelry and watches in the trash are long gone.

What It's Really Like to Haul Tourists Around in a Pedicab

It helps to be a free-wheeling maverick.

On the Job With: A Lei-Maker

Every day, she has to hustle to sell the floral necklaces before they wilt.

On the Job With: A Bartender

Don’t expect a wine list at a down-home dive.

On the Job With: A Beach Lifeguard

“We aren’t Baywatch.”

On the Job With: A Dog Walker

She can tell the quality of your dog’s food from its poop.

On the Job With: Party Suppliers

No drinking on the job.

On the Job With: A Barista

Please make eye contact and speak in complete sentences.