Stories about what, and who, makes cities run

For Cities of the Future, Three Paths to Power

In an era of geopolitical turbulence, urban leaders will have to demand representation at international institutions—or take more radical action.

Nelson Rockefeller's Big Ideas

University campuses, affordable housing, and absurdly grand state building complexes define the liberal legacy of the former New York Republican.

A Citizen's Guide To Power

In his new book, author Eric Liu lays out a road map for creating change.

Do Cities Need a Political Movement?

Richard Schragger argues that urban areas will need to work together to flex their might in national politics.

The Electric Grid Should Be America's Next Massive Infrastructure Project

It’s old, creaky, and would need hundreds of billions of dollars just to stay as it is.

On Transit Policy, City Leaders Have More Power Than They Think

State and federal policies often get in the way of transportation planning, but they don’t have to. A new field guide shows how cities can take charge.

The Economic Power of Cities Compared to Nations

Sorry, Canada—your entire economy would fit inside Tokyo.

Meet the Populist Right-Wing Mayors of Europe

Previously governed by mainstream parties since World War II, some cities are now laboratories for small-scale experiments of this radical ideology.

'It Didn't Pump Itself'

The Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company was wildly successful, but the key to its profits lay in a deadly contract negotiated with the State of Alabama in 1888.

When Cities Went Electric

You might know about Tesla vs. Edison. In cities, it was Edison vs. Westinghouse.

Don't Forget About Ed Logue

Lurking in the background of today’s Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses stories is a man who had a little bit of both in his soul.

Unlocking the Hidden Power of a Highway

An ambitious effort in Georgia aims to turn a rural road into living lab for cutting-edge technologies.

Building an Island to Power Northern Europe

The continent needs to take huge strides to meet its future energy needs. A brand new island for wind power might do the trick.

For Most Cities, the Tech Boom Is a Bust

Contrary to technology’s image as an equalizer, digital service jobs in United States have clustered and concentrated in a select few metros.

A Solar Bet to Recharge Buffalo

Andrew Cuomo and Elon Musk are the faces of a $750 million plan to revitalize Buffalo's economy with a factory for SolarCity. There’s little reason to believe in their vision so far.

Red State/Blue City Isn't the Whole Story

Today’s reality begs for a more comprehensive understanding of the relations between states and localities.