Seoul Stories

The human side of South Korea’s high-technology society

Jung-ae Gwak, left, and her daughter, Hanbyeol Lee, right, get a ticket to ride the Seoul metro.

For North Korean Defectors, Escape is 'Like Jumping 50 Years Into the Future'

Negotiating Seoul’s subway system and living in the South can be a jarring leap into the modern world.

A photo of high-rises in Songdo, billed as the world's "smartest" city.

Sleepy in Songdo, Korea’s Smartest City

The hardest thing about living in an eco-friendly master-planned utopia? Meeting your neighbors.  

The interior of an underground survival bunker for sale in Seoul, where most residents shrug off the threat of North Korean attack.

Seoul’s ‘War Preppers’ Are Still (Sort Of) Expecting the Worst

As fears of North Korean attack wane, some residents of the South Korean capital are finding it hard to maintain their emergency preparations.  

Won-kyu Kang works behind the front desk at I Want Resort, which was built in 2016 for Olympic visitors.

Here’s What Pyeongchang Looks Like Now

Three months after the end of the Olympics, the resort town is all but deserted.

A High-Tech City Shows Its Human Side

We’re in Seoul, looking for the people who make South Korea’s fast-paced capital run.

Commuters in Seoul watch news of the cancelled summit between the U.S. and North Korea.

In Seoul, Sadness and Skepticism After Trump Cancels North Korea Summit

Many residents of the South Korean capital are hoping that U.S. diplomacy will continue.   

A sign for women-first parking in a Seoul shopping center.

What’s Up With Seoul’s Pink Parking Spaces for Women?

They’re like regular parking spaces. Except, you know, pink.