Superstorm Sandy: 5 Years Later

In partnership with Climate Desk, CityLab is looking at problems, solutions, and lessons learned.

A red flag on the beach warns swimmers of high surf and dangerous currents in the Rockaways in October 2017, five years after the area was ravaged by Sandy.

The Long Tail of a Storm

Five years after Superstorm Sandy, some effects still linger.

A map of the U.S. showing where Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Matthew, Sandy, and Maria hit.

How Do This Year's Storms Stack Up Against Hurricane Sandy?

We compared the strength, consequences, and long roads to recovery.

A man walks away from a building that has been surrounded by water pushed up by Hurricane Sandy in Bellport, New York.

Here's What We've Learned About Hurricanes Since Sandy

Scientists understand a lot more about how extreme weather affects the intensity of storms.

A house and a field full of grasses, separated by a chain-link fence.

Lost to Sandy, Reclaimed By Nature

Here’s why one community chose not to rebuild.

Two people in shadow look out at the river and New Jersey skyline from the Whitney Museum.

Museums Are Uniquely Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster

Climate-resilient design is on the rise. Museums, seeking to protect their priceless art, are on this cutting edge.

People walk along a shore with small streams of water going to the sand.

This Staten Island Town Has a Brilliant and Wacky Flood-Prevention Strategy

The idea is to invite water in, not keep it out.

A woman in a raincoat pushes her daughter in a shopping cart across a flooded street

How Do We Keep From Going Hungry During Disasters?

Storms and rising waters threaten cities’ food, but some municipalities are taking steps to keep shelves stocked and bellies full.

To Storm-Proof Hoboken, a Microgrid

After devastating flooding in 2012, the New Jersey city is racing to develop its own backup power supply.

A worker stocks shelves at a temporary CVS store in the Rockaway Beach neighborhood of Queens, New York. CVS has set up a temporary store in the parking lot of a CVS location that had been damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

New York's Looming Food Disaster

Hurricane Sandy exposed striking vulnerabilities in the city's supply chains.

A woman stands in front of a construction site.

Rebuilding After Disasters Is Largely a Legal Challenge

Without addressing the complexities of local law, even the most resilient designs risk lingering on computer screens and drawing boards without implementation.

Cars submerged in a flooded street in front of an apartment building

Why It's So Hard to Storm-Proof an Apartment Building

There are a huge number of physical, financial, and political obstacles.