The Truth about the Urban-Rural Divide

The campus of Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, a rural magnet for creative-class workers.

Where the Creative Class Thrives in Rural America

Although the creative class in the United States is largely urban, many rural counties also have high shares of knowledge, professional, and artistic workers.

A woman on a laptop outdoors at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Talent Dividend in Urban and Rural Areas

Urban places have the largest numbers of college graduates, but rural counties are starting to see more growth.

Two men shake hands across a table at a job fair.

Wages Are Higher in Urban Areas, But Growing Faster in Rural Ones

The picture of wages and salaries across the U.S. is not a simple one of urban success versus rural decline.

Two girls walk past a school

Some Rural Areas Are Better for Economic Mobility

Kids from many rural areas have a better chance at upward mobility than those who grow up in urban areas, but it varies from place to place, and from neighborhood to neighborhood.

A large factory in the desert

Some Rural Counties Are Seeing a Job Boom, Too

Economic growth is a mixed bag in urban and rural counties, large and small.

A large tank truck parked in front of new apartment buildings.

The Divides Within, and Between, Urban and Rural America

Economic growth is not only uneven between urban and rural places—it is uneven within them, too.