Van Alen Sessions

A short-documentary series highlighting current debates about urban infrastructure

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To ward off infrastructure disaster, state engineers are experimenting with a new technology.

How Portland Is Sourcing Hydropower From Its Drinking Water

The method has little environmental impact and uses existing infrastructure. So why isn’t it more popular?

How Baltimore's Water Cleanup Infrastructure Became a Public Sensation

Baltimore addressed its trash problem in its Inner Harbor with a floating water wheel. But it got public buy-in by giving it a personality.

How New York Created a Solar Boom

Currently, there are 3,215 installation projects throughout the city—triple the amount from 2014.

The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Power in the U.S.

More and more plants are being scheduled to shutdown. What happens next?

'We Could Be Out of Work in Just a Few Weeks'

Welcome to the Eagle Ford natural gas field in South Texas, population: uncertain.

What Rooftop Solar Looks Like in Watts

Meet the women who are making it happen.

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Inside Hyperloop's Lab

A reality-based tour of California’s most fantastical infrastructure concept.

The Urgent Need for a New Rail Tunnel Under the Hudson River

The biggest transportation crisis facing New York City is the result of outdated infrastructure and Superstorm Sandy.