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Smart Cities Are the Future We Need

Smart Cities Are the Future We Need

Data scientists, location intelligence experts, and business leaders explain why in The Esri and the Science of Where podcast

From the Internet of Things to interactive maps to location intelligence, cities are leveraging data to make both rapid and long-term changes that benefit their constituents and increase trust in government. “When people feel like they are part of this high-functioning community, that reflects back on [their city’s] leadership and their electability,” says International Data Corporation’s Alison Brooks. Esri has assembled thought leaders to share essential insights, including The Atlantic’s James Fallows in a wide-ranging discussion about modern interconnectivity across America. Stream The Science of Where podcasts below.

Building a Data-Smart City

How can city leaders use analytics and technology to solve problems for their communities and rebuild trust with their constituents? Listen to Harvard University professor Stephen Goldsmith and author of The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Government discuss powerful examples of cities embracing data-driven decision-making and leading digital transformation of government at the local level.

How Smart Cities Drive Efficiency and Engagement with IoT

Listen to Alison Brooks, research director for smart cities strategies and public safety at International Data Corporation, explain how leading cities are using location technology and data-driven decision-making to make their communities safer, smarter, and more economically resilient.

How Data Science and Smart Maps Promote Smart Nations

Leading policymakers understand that economic development, transparency, and citizen trust require the widespread adoption of data and analytics, especially location-based analytics, and data-driven decision-making. Listen to Jeff Peters, Director of Global Business Development for National Government at Esri, explain how location intelligence drives transformation and modernization of government at the national level.

The Fundamentals of Growth and Transformation: Companies and Cities

Many businesses and cities use sophisticated analytics to make sense of overwhelming volumes of data generated from sensors in the connected economy. Hear Geoffrey West, theoretical physicist and author of the book Scale, describe the ways in which smart cities and innovative businesses drive growth and transformation.

Turning Big Data Analytics into Big Data Answers at Thomson Reuters

Big data analytics and smart mapping are increasingly being folded into government operations to meet transparency and constituent engagement initiatives. Listen to Keith Nichols, managing director of government at Thomson Reuters, explain how location intelligence unlocks the riches in big data.

A Conversation with James Fallows: How High-Tech Maps Reveal Connections

Increasingly, local, state, and national governments are relying on location intelligence to drive digital transformation and data-driven decision-making. Listen to James Fallows, author and journalist for The Atlantic, explain how digital maps contribute to a deeper understanding of issues and foster connection and innovation.