Mapping Where the Lights Are Brighter, And Where They're Going Dark

In four short years, urbanization, economics, and war have changed a satellite’s view of the Earth at night.

Courtesy of Calling Thunder: The Unsung History of ...

Here's What Manhattan Sounded Like in 1609

A new virtual reality project reconstructs the city’s historic soundscape.

How to Find Your Real Sister City

The Chicago Fed’s new data-mapping tool can identify towns with sibling connections.

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How to Disappear

Is it possible to move through a smart city undetected?


This Magic Dutch Traffic Light Helps Bicyclists Avoid Stopping

A system called “Flo” system uses cute creatures to tell cyclists to speed up or slow down to catch a green light.


The Invisible Network That Makes Cities Work

Despite fears of declining social capital and lack of faith in civic institutions, the “new trust economy” is thriving in urban areas.

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Singapore, City of Sensors

They’re on buses, atop buildings, in parks, and inside drains as part of the island’s vision to become the world’s first “Smart Nation.” But what do they mean for privacy?

Oliver Clasper

Focusing on the Hidden Horror of American Lynchings

A British photojournalist is training his camera on the sites of the South’s ugliest open secret.

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Maybe Government Data Shouldn’t Always Be Free

What do cities owe their taxpayers when businesses use their data?

Worldwide: Mapping Urbanization/Courtesy of DigitalLab

A Better Way to Map Humanity's Spread Around the Earth

Nighttime maps show where people have settled and built, but they miss a lot, too. A new campaign is turning to the crowd to identify where people move as the world population grows.

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Uber Wants to Get More People in Electric Cars

Starting in Portland.


New York City's Wi-Fi Kiosks Now Include a 'Yelp for Social Services'

The move targets New Yorkers who stand to benefit most from the LinkNYC network in the first place.

Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

Fixing a Fractured Paris

In an effort to connect the historic city to its politically fragmented suburbs, Greater Paris is pushing an epic program of highway removal and transit revamps. But drivers fear that trying to fix one planning disaster could lead to another one.

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Why the Internet Should Be Part of Trump's Infrastructure Plan

There’s still a lot of the U.S. waiting to be wired up.

Hyperloop One

Should the Hyperloop Be for Cities or Suburbia?

One company is making progress on the technology, but where it ends up is an open question.

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In a Twist, Kentucky's Coal Museum Will Now Be Powered By Solar

The move will save the museum $8,000 to $10,000 a year in energy costs.

The Crowd & the Cloud

Citizen Science in the Age of the Cloud

A new documentary series celebrates regular folks interacting with data, but leaves some big questions answered.

Axon/Taser International

Taser Aims to Bring Free Body Cams to U.S. Police

The stun-gun makers are offering body cameras and data storage for one year to departments nationwide. But before police departments jump at the offer, they should be mindful of the hidden costs of acquiring new technology.

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Why Is Trump Ignoring These Good Heartland Jobs?

Forget coal. This is how to revive rural America.