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In Search of the Smartest City

Can Bloomberg Philanthropies establish a national standard for data-driven governments?

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Can Uber Survive Without Self-Driving Cars?

After a high-speed crash in Arizona, the ride-hailing giant grounds its autonomous fleet.

Eric Grant

The Tech Helping Immigrants Hack the Ban

Across the country, designers and coders are coming together to develop tools for communities targeted by Trump’s orders.

Katie Pyzyk

What Is Denver Learning From Its Public Restroom Pilot Program?

Some preliminary observations and trends already have surfaced in the year since the project’s launch.

How New York Created a Solar Boom

Currently, there are 3,215 installation projects throughout the city—triple the amount from 2014.

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The Many Mysteries of the Muslim Laptop Ban

A new Homeland Security rule will ban electronics on flights from airports in Muslim-majority countries. Is this protectionism or prudence? Well, it’s complicated.

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The Electric Grid Should Be America's Next Massive Infrastructure Project

It’s old, creaky, and would need hundreds of billions of dollars just to stay as it is.

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What Happens If a Nuclear Bomb Goes Off in Manhattan?

A computer model is in the works to simulate how New Yorkers would respond in the the first 30 days after a nuclear attack.

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When Cities Went Electric

You might know about Tesla vs. Edison. In cities, it was Edison vs. Westinghouse.

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Unlocking the Hidden Power of a Highway

An ambitious effort in Georgia aims to turn a rural road into living lab for cutting-edge technologies.

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To Fight Snow Storms, Bring Out the Big Data

Cities like Boston aren’t just rolling out the heavy-duty plow trucks. Analytic tools are helping them to make snow removal a smarter and more efficient process.


Building an Island to Power Northern Europe

The continent needs to take huge strides to meet its future energy needs. A brand new island for wind power might do the trick.

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Ride-Hailing Makes Any Snow Crisis Worse

Uber, Lyft, and delivery-on-demand apps put unnecessary drivers on the road during winter weather—and we all end up paying for it.

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For Most Cities, the Tech Boom Is a Bust

Contrary to technology’s image as an equalizer, digital service jobs in United States have clustered and concentrated in a select few metros.


Take a 360-Degree Dive With Seattle's Massive Tunnel Borer

Tag along as Bertha nears the end of its painstaking, four-year journey.

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Car Wars

Inside the battle for the future of a technology that could really, truly change the world.

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Is It Better to Be Poor in Bangladesh or in the Mississippi Delta?

The Nobel laureate Angus Deaton discusses extreme poverty, opioid addiction, Trump voters, robots, and rent-seeking.

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A Visual Search Engine for the Entire Planet

Descartes Labs lets you point-and-hop between features in China and the United States.

Jessica McKenzie

Detroit's Foreclosure Crisis and the Need for 'Information Justice'

An open data project sought to battle tax foreclosures by arming residents with information. It may have empowered property speculators more than anyone.